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  1. Thanks very much to @SJP68 for his kind help. I wonder what came of the film in 1983 that Dan Rush made about Gunnar? It would be awesome if there were copies of it or Dan Rush is still around.
  2. Thank you for looking that up. Lotus Worlds may be helpful to my colleague Ibrar Malik in the future.
  3. I've mess I've messaged you my address. Thank you for your kind help. Lotus World ran for how many years?
  4. I'm pleased to say the Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Treatment Campaign is still registered on the Charity Commission. Inactive, but people still give money...
  5. I hope to have the book sent to the publisher by the end of August. Restrictions to libraries have been a problem but I'm doing what I can. Wonderful picture and thank you very much indeed.
  6. Oh that's a lovely picture. May I use it and how much would you like for it?
  7. I wonder how long Lotus World magazine ran for? I am working on a book about Gunnar Nilsson and in 1984, one Lotus World issue showed people still fundraising for his cancer treatment campaign even after his Suite had been opened in 1981 at Charing Cross. If anyone has copies of Lotus World that show more fundraising efforts, please feel free to get in touch,
  8. I don't know if they still have his email. If anyone else has, please let me know.
  9. Hello. A Terence Sullivan wrote in to Absolute Lotus and mentioned in his letter that he worked at Len Street, Chelsea. He serviced Team Lotus driver Gunnar Nilsson's 1974 Elite and then met him afterwards. I was wondering how I may get in touch with him?
  10. Gunnar also had an Elite 504.
  11. Thank you for that Neal H. Yes it was Mike Kettlewell who put Gunnar in the top ten. I don't know if Kettlewell is still alive.
  12. If anyone has other Lotus magazines mentioning Gunnar, please let me know.
  13. Thank you Richard. A very special Talbot car ran to the Arctic Circle in June 1980.
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