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  1. Interesting. What identifies it as one of those engines? Do you have a range of engine numbers?
  2. Hi, I have my riviera roof wind deflector removed at he moment so could take lots of detailed pictures and measurements for you. Lovely car by the way
  3. I would not neccessarily assume that below 100k means it will be good. Ive just torn apart my 86k s2.2 eclat riviera's 912 engine and it was most definitely in need of a rebuild. Every bearing down to the copper. Another thing to bear in mind is that the 912 came in different forms. The engine block casting is different from say a 912 HC from a late excel. The engine mounts are different. If thats not the case and that youre just trying to find a 912 because yours is missing, for example, then please ignore me! Ive come to the conclusion my best bet is to find the 3k or so needed to rebuild my original engine
  4. Good work. Is this for the blue one or the red one?
  5. You got any pics of the car in general? The drop box link doesn't work? There is one of the nosecone earlier on in the thread. Is this the one I've seen in a historic for sale ad, parked up a driveway. Light interior and lots of green mould/algae on the paint?
  6. Did this restoration get much further? I am also restoring a 1982 calypso red riviera. I have just finished the respray and door rebuilds myself and am now onto stripping the engine for rebuild
  7. Picking up an old thread I know {and i know youve gone the perspex route now Jack} but if this happens to mine what i would be tempted to do is cut a donor, oversized section from any non sunroof eclat, excel, or elite and then adapt/graft on/modify to fit using the old mechanisms. Obviously this would also enable modification to improve the design. Jack out of interest do you have the original canvas bag for your roof panel?
  8. Also interested in 5 if price reasonable/have some notice to put some money aside
  9. Hi, new to the forum so please be kind. I cant see any photos in this thread (or others for that matter). Am i missing something? I realise this is an older for sale ad but more interested in seeing pics of other s2 eclats like my own for interest and reserch purposes.
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