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  1. Guy, it's good to see you back at work on your projects. I've been following your antics for years now!
  2. As usual Mike, your work is absolutely amazing.
  3. Sorry to hear the news mate - hopefully it is something simple
  4. You sold the high performance motor? Is it going into an Esprit?
  5. Sorry for the delay! Right now, the rear is about 1/2 inch lower than it was with the factory setup but I may go another 1/2 inch once I let the units settle in a bit. random pictures, no particular order:
  6. Got everything done yesterday with plenty of pictures. I'll upload them and outline my experience shortly.
  7. Yeah - I give the spring all the respect they deserve. Just trying to get a feel for if it needs to be oriented any particular way and what I should tighten the bolts to when I reinstall.
  8. OK, I've been very lazy and been putting this off for ages. I've finally got the car apart and am ready to pull the old damper unit. A couple quick questions... What are the torque specs for the upper and lower bolts? I am going to be reusing my old springs as they were replaced by the PO. Is there any trick or gotchas or anything else to beware of when transferring the spring?
  9. How did you track down the evap leak? Mine throws the CEL from time to time at high RPM and it a minor evap leak. I'm just not sure where to begin running it down...
  10. Hang on - did I miss something? Is there a thread going on for this swap someplace?
  11. Stunning work, as usual. Make sure and get some video or it once it's running
  12. Does anybody have recommendations as to where I could source some touch up paint for my car? I have a couple blemishes that I'd like to take care of while the car is getting its spring detailing.
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