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  1. Today was fixing more bugs.. we got the heater matrix working -- the vaccuum connection to the diverter valve was disconnected. Then we checked on the CEL.. (it's been on for a few days) and it turned out to be a small vaccuum leak in the EVAP system and the air pump. The air pump has been disconnected from the exhaust system, so I don't expect that part of the CEL to go away.. but I have an idea to trick it into thinking it's operational. We also removed the Larini Exhaust and put on the factory "muffler" with the Larini De-Cat pipes. WOW IS IT LOUD NOW!!! VVVRRROOOMMM!!! It's sounds AWESOME!

    How did you track down the evap leak? Mine throws the CEL from time to time at high RPM and it a minor evap leak. I'm just not sure where to begin running it down...

  2. February 21, 2009 - Meet at Lancasters (Mooresville) for lunch @ 11:00 am

    From Charlotte Hwy 77 North to EXIT 36- toward LAKE NORMAN. Turn RIGHT onto US-150. Turn LEFT onto RINEHARDT RD.

    From Statesville Hwy 77 South to EXIT 36- toward LAKE NORMAN. Turn Left onto US-150. Turn LEFT onto RINEHARDT RD.

    We'll follow this up with a run down the street to Simpson World. If anybody is interested after that, I'm up for Victory Lane and some karting.

    Please RSVP so I can let the restaurant know how many to expect.

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