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  1. I purchased a 52 inch Sony XBR LCD about 18 months ago and have been quite pleased with it - until last weekend... I was in one of the local electronics stores and noticed several TV's with the same or better features selling for about 25% of what I paid for mine.

    ahh well, it's the endless march of technology I guess.

  2. OK, I've just spent some time going through old threads and reviewing the LEW pages regarding replacement of the real shocks and springs and it seems like a fairly straightforward job... Does anybody have any experience fitting the SPAXX replacements? Is there anything different about them? As some of you may remember, the fronts both failed early last year and I chose to upgrade to the SPAXX front end (which I absolutely cannot say enough about!). I plan on going the same route for the rear and just wanted to get opinions on how rough a job this would be in my own garage.

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