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  1. My experience with the Cup2's has been excellent. Good grip at the track with an excellent wear rate. They are an great compromise tyre in my opinion. However, I just wanted to try something that was even stickier to see how much I could get my lap times down. I only use my Lotus for fast country runs and the track, so mileage is not an issue with tyres for me ... in fact I wish these Cup2's would hurry up and wear out, but they are continuing to deliver despite the thrashing I give them ...
  2. No I didn't consider them, but thanks for the info. How do they compare to the Trefeos? Have you tried them? I thought the Trefeos were a more grippy tyre than the Yokahamas ...
  3. Thanks for the info. It appears that, like the front Cup2's, this size is not available in Australia.
  4. Thanks Suto. I’m looking forward to testing the tyres and my skills ...
  5. So you use the same pressures front and rear, unlike the Cup 2's. I find the Cup 2's will increase from cold anywhere from 4 to 8 psi on the track, depending on the temp of the track and configuration I am driving. I usually do 5 laps initially, then let them down which gets them pretty close for the rest of the day. Do the Trefeo's heat up a similar amount compared to the Cup 2's ... or being softer do you find they heat up more?? ... I hope you don't mind all the questions ... Respecto a .... Hasta ahora yo no útilizo espaciadores para usar Trofeo R en 295 ¿Utiliza espaciadores para Trofeo R 295? ... Todavía no los he probado y otros han dicho que no usan espaciadores.
  6. Suto, what tyre pressures do you find best for the Trefeo’s? ... similar to the cup 2’s with 29 front and 32 rear??
  7. Hi Robjo, if you SSC for a quote on a 215 front you'll see what I mean. The Cup 2's have given me very good mileage which I don't expect from the Trefeo's. Once I have some data, I'll let you know how I go on the Trefeo's and how they wear. Thanks Tex.
  8. Thanks everybody for the feedback. I can't buy the 215 Cup 2 fronts in Australia for my 410 Exige. I've been in touch with Michelin here and was told that we are not importing them because there is not enough demand in Australia. I can buy them from the Australian Lotus importer (Simply Sports cars), but the price is outrageous (about twice the cost in the UK) as they are profiteering from the fact that the only other way to get them is to import them yourself. The 410 comes with the 215 front and 285 rear Cup 2's here. Trefeo R's don't come in a 215 or a 285, so I thought I'd rather go up in a size than down. I've measured the clearances as best I can and was pretty sure the 225's and 295's would clear the body work, but I wanted to be sure when I reached 240+ down the main straight that the tyres wouldn't expand to cause a problem or wouldn't hit the body work on full lock or full brakes. I appreciate all the help. I'll get myself a set of Trofeo R's and see if I can beat my best lap times around our local "International Track" called "The Bend". The Bend comes in 3 configurations - all technical and challenging and 2 of the configurations have some very fast sections. Down the long straight the GT3's pull away and so I'm tempeted to extract a few more horespower ... but that's a slippery slope ... Hi Suto, I enjoyed the footage around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Thanks.
  9. I have been using Michelin Cup2’s on my Exige 410, and want to try Trefeo R’s to see how they feel on the track and if I can improve my track times. I’m finding it hard to get much information here in Adelaide (South Australia) and would like to know if others have tried the 225 fronts and 295 rears on their Exiges and if they have had any problems. Also, what tyre pressures would be best - 29psi front and 32 psi rear as for the Cup2’s??
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