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  1. Excellent! thanks! 🤣 yeah took me long enough! Yep going to need a bit of luck!! Cheers!
  2. Hmm just noticed there is an Esprit project & resto room, maybe this needs to go there, whoops!
  3. So! Finally getting round to starting a 'build' thread on here for my 1979 Lotus Esprit S2 'garage find'. Bit of background: I bought this car almost exactly a year ago after it had ben found in a garage after at least 22 years after the owner had sadly passed away. It turns out that the length of time in this garage could be as much as 32 years based on the last time it was taxed in 1988. This garage was your typical concrete sweaty/damp/floodable type and the condition of the car is pretty bad with every metallic surface corroded and the interior mouldy to the point the carpets had disintegrated ...... So bringing you up to date, I've had the car for a year and I've started the disassembly (with covid causing a bit of a hiatus during various lockdowns) and I'm trying to document what I can on my YouTube channel 'granblogismo' . The playlist is below if you fancy catching up and I'll post updates and new video links in here as I release them: Latest video released yesterday, quite a bit of progress looks-wise getting the rear stripped down and removing the wiring loom was easier than I thought but obviously refitting is different (that's future-me's problem though haha):
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