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  1. Sorry for delay in update but I have bought an old house which is is even more trouble than the Esprit. I will get back to the Esprit when I need a break from working om the house.
  2. In over 30 years working with classics this is the first time I have used red rubber grease but by all accounts it is totally compatible with Dot4. The reason for choosing to use it this time is that I didn't know how long the calipers would be sitting before being fitted so rather than having brake fluid in air causing corrosion I used the grease which doesn't react with air. I have rebuilt many calipers over the years but this is the first I have done with handbrakes. Fronts are working fine. All rubber hoses are replaced.Heading to the garage now for another look .
  3. As said already opening both bleed nipples does not release the pressure. One test I did was to press the pedal gently to bring out the pistons and than operate the handbrake many times. Pads held and released every time. Only locks when pedal is pressed hard . I measured the pawls on the adjuster With a basic calipers and put them at about 0.6mm apart meaning a max gap between each pad and disc of 0.3mm.
  4. So I striped the calipers and everything looks right and moving freely. First time I assembled the calipers with red rubber grease which may have caused some resistance so this time I used only brake fluid which seemed a bit looser initially . So I took the car for a short drive around the yard and the rears are sticking again. I need somebody to explain the automatic adjustment system to me as it appears to me to be flawed. When you operate the handbrake the adjuster and piston move in and out together. When you operate the pedal the adjuster stays put and the piston moves out. If
  5. Hope to have my wheels back next week and I have a brake issue I hope to get sorted this weekend so hopefully car on the road next week
  6. Got to run the car again last night on the axle stands. The LH wheel is freer than the right which barely turns . If I lock the LH handbrake the right wheel turns and without any pressure it is reaching 80 deg C. When I apply pressure to bed it in its reaching 300 degC but still no sign of it loosening up. Think I will strip the caliper at the weekend.
  7. All Rubber hoses are new and I'm happy that it is not a hydrolic problem. The only thing in the back of my mind with regard to the handbrake mechanism is that I replaced one piston. As far as I can find the original pistons are handed, Right SP4064 and Left SP4065 but the one I got from SJ ( SJ089J0011) does both sides. I couldn't any difference in the pistons. The car had a history of sticking calipers ( hence the overhaul) but did operate well before I took it off the road. I found one corroded piston and the sliding pin rubbers had expanded (why can you not buy these rubbers without
  8. Wheels are away getting refurbished so if I try turning the hub or disc with my hand it won't move. I need to place a large screwdriver (12") between the studs to get leverage to move the hub. Moving it doesn't "release" the pressure, the resistance is consistent so not warped discs. I can apply the brakes and than turn the front hubs by hand. I'll try a few more "miles " on the axel stands and I'll check disc temperature with an infra red thermostat.
  9. Hand brake mechanism is working freely and yes pistons were retracted at 44 deg and reengaged
  10. 81' Turbo been off the road for many years. A few months ago I refurbished all the calipers , clean, paint , new seals , one new rear piston and new sliding pins. Reassembled with red rubber grease and silicone on the pins. Pads and discs were as new just needing to remove some rust from discs. System is bleed with new fluid and pedal is hard. Front brakes working on /off and handbrake operating. If I press the pedal hard the back brakes operate but when released the rear hubs are very hard to rotate. I have run the car in gear on axel stands to "bed in" the pads and discs but it is still the
  11. I changed mine last month. When I got the pump off I found I couldn't get it out past the cam belt. I undid the two engine mounts and jacked up the front of the engine, pump came out. I found when refitting having the engine jacked up made fitting the pump easier. Fitted 5 socket head bolts.
  12. Bit of a delay with the new tyres as the V rated had to come from the Spain . When I took the wheels off I decided to bite the bullet and have them refurbished and change them from silver to gold ( For your eyes only) .Here is a picture of the Uniroyal beside the Goodyear NCT for thread comparison .
  13. I have gone ahead and ordered the Uniroyal Rain Expert 3 ,expect to have the car back on the road soon so will report back when I have some mileage up on them.
  14. I'd be interested to see what date was on any he had and if he can get more.
  15. As I've had no luck tracking down Vredestein 225/60VR15 I emailed Vredestein in Netherlands to see if they are indeed still being manufactured but no reply after two days. Has anybody tried Uniroyal Rain Expert 3 on their Esprit, I use them on m MINI and find them great both wet and dry. They come in the right sizes/rating for the Esprit.
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