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  1. I returned the RRR ECU and just asked for full refund... it seems the ECU was not "plug n play" type, car won't crank after installing it. My car probably has a different version or region. After they helped and did a team viewing, the ECU didn't seem to have any file in it... they said it was corrupted or something. I'm just glad they sent me a full refund after sending the ECU back to them. I installed the full 2bular exhaust and it was AMAZING! Quality and sound of the exhaust were A+++, highly recommended! I shed around 6.74kg from the 2bular system against the stock exhaust... not bad considering it's already a long tube manifold design 🙂
  2. Great! Thinking of getting the matte finish.. Anyone here got them installed already? Some photos would be nice 🙂
  3. Looks very nice!! Do they have in matte finish? To match my matte black accents
  4. Yeah that's the idea, but the local dealer here [email protected]&ks! they just closed down the showroom and the service team are all gone LOL!
  5. I want to turn it off completely! Really don't need it too... I tried turning it off and then sport mode on, after a few km the sport mode went out and couldn't switch back on... car is all stock, but my parts are all ready for installation. I just wanna solve the traction issue first before installing the parts! I just wish Lotus just made the car with always sport mode on and no traction control... made it more fun. Read some topics and they said it has something to do with the brake switch?
  6. For some reason, the traction control lights up on my 250 Cup and I can't turn on my sport mode... Anyone here experienced this? Please help!
  7. Fastest color! Very nice spec 🙂
  8. What's the indoor cover price for the Elise 250 Cup?
  9. Anyone here tried the RRR final drive and flywheel? Are they worth the upgrade?
  10. Wow pretty light! Especially it's 7" and 8" width 😱
  11. BTW, anyone here knows who did the oem wheels for the 250 cup? Is it Team Dynamics? What's the weight compare to aftermarket wheels? I heard it's already pretty light!
  12. Yup exactly what I'm getting! At first I was gonna get an AP 4pot for the front, but then decided to just get alloy bells disc rotors and Pagid RS14 pads.. At least i didn't get additional weight on the car! And get around 10lbs. of unsprung weight too 🙂
  13. Great! But I'll try with the Toyo R888R tires... I heard it has a "beefier" sidewall than the AD08s..
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