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  1. On 25/02/2020 at 06:11, spoono said:

    In a search for a carbon fibre hardtop I found this site:

    The price for 250 Cup (with all brackets and seals) is better then the Komotec option and the optics is also nice.

    But... The question is whether anyone has any experience with this company? I have searched the forum but found nothing.

    Looks very nice!! Do they have in matte finish? To match my matte black accents

  2. 1 hour ago, Petrolgeneration said:

    What mods did you perform already? Might have something to do with that.

    Just get an ECU readout at a dealership or buy an odb reader yourself. Could be anything!

    Can you turn it off completely? Because in all honesty, traction control is very meh on the Elise :)
    I never drive with it on anymore.

    I want to turn it off completely! Really don't need it too... I tried turning it off and then sport mode on, after a few km the sport mode went out and couldn't switch back on... car is all stock, but my parts are all ready for installation. I just wanna solve the traction issue first before installing the parts! I just wish Lotus just made the car with always sport mode on and no traction control... made it more fun.

    Read some topics and they said it has something to do with the brake switch?

  3. On 18/05/2020 at 15:33, Bibs said:

    We can make covers for any Lotus variant mate. 

    The factory however has had a close down and is now running a small staff making PPE for the NHS. They're expecting to re-open on the 1st July but there will be a backlog I'd imagine. You're welcome to order now or wait until then but I'm still sending in orders now and have a bit of a queue built up. 

    What's the indoor cover price for the Elise 250 Cup?  

  4. 35 minutes ago, Seriouslylotus said:

    Post again as i cant edit my post, meant to say 235 not 225

    Running a 205/45/16 front tyre has been done LOTS of times by many people (Everyone who ran Toyo R1R tyres for a start)

    Lotus used the AD08 205/45/16 and 235/40/17 on the Elise cup 260. Using the same 7x16 / 8x17 wheels  and body work as the regular 250 cup.

    So yes they will fit and work

    Great! But I'll try with the Toyo R888R tires... I heard it has a "beefier" sidewall than the AD08s..

  5. 5 hours ago, duncx said:

    Am I the only person that actually prefers the older (closed) shifter on an Elise?

    I understand that on an S3 Exige the open shifter is a big improvement, but on the Elise the closed shifter works great, quick, smooth and accurate. I've owned 2x Exige 350 Sports and although the open shifter looked great I found it to be a bit 'clackety' in operation and being wider at the front it rubbed my calf muscle!

    Ok so maybe I'm a bit odd :lol:



    LOL! Yeah you have point, I've decided to keep my "closed" shifter since the car came out from factory like that. Before I thought they just deleted the shift boot, not knowing it's totally different. I'll just upgrade my brakes after installing exhaust and ECU 🙂

  6. 3 hours ago, Hangar 111 said:

    Not in my personal experience, unless you change the master cylinder also.  Which you _really_ need to do if you are putting the fronts on the rears, as the brake balance goes wrong.  With just the 4-pots on the front, the brakes are very effective, don't get me wrong, but there is pedal travel before they do so.  Putting fronts on rears is just adding unsprung weight for little gain, as you have to retain the standard caliper for handbrake (or add a spot).  Alot of hassle for not much benefit to most users, with most power levels.  But just my opinion...  take it with as much salt as you like :)


    Yeah I get what you're saying... I'll be adding unsprung weight for the front calipers and bigger rotors. They will be floating rotors though 🤔

  7. 19 hours ago, Hangar 111 said:

    It's definitely an improvement, but whether it justifies the cost is a bit more subjective I suppose - for some it's worth it.

    Not available for the older cars, that would be a bespoke project at this point.  The parts are available off the shelf for Exige V6 and Elise S3 (EC60 gearbox).

    I just remembered, that doesn't include any of the interior trim parts. So there's a bit more to add.


    Personally I wouldn't, the 4-pot front brakes gives a long pedal with the standard master cylinder, and really isn't necessary.  Change the pads and fluid first.


    Wow it will total to at least £3k if I did the conversion... I really didn't know that the shifter is totally different. 

    About the AP 308 brake kit, it doesn't improve the brake feel? I was planning to get the AP racing 308 floating rotor kit and transfer my front calipers to the rear brakes... I saw a lot of Elise track cars did this already around the world?

    I thought it's a nice upgrade since I'm getting more hp from the exhaust and ecu...

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