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  1. Name: Lotus Elise S2 Click to view: Lotus Elise S2
  2. Thanks for the response...I had actually been looking for a while...but after eliminating rebuilt title cars, tracked cars and being particular on made it hard to find one. Ended up with the color we wanted, a one owner 2006 Canyon Red, black leather Touring pack, Stage 2 exhaust, front splitter...original paint, 28,000 miles. Drove it 8.5 hours home a couple of days ago. It appears to be a great car. Pic attached of it in our basement garage. Thanks, G
  3. Thanks for the kind words and the "mods link" guys! I just returned from driving our new Elise home...about an 8.5 hour trip. Mostly uneventful...31.6 MPG. We're beyond happy with our new's a one owner Canyon Red/black leather 2006, Touring Pkg but now has factory Sport package wheels, Michelin did have the original wheels and front tires were date coded as original tires but I swapped for these, Stage 2 exhaust, front splitter. Original paint, clean title, 28,400 miles...well, 29 plus now. Recalls and updates done...updated tie rods, all three blower speeds work, original radio...everything works on it but one rear speaker...planning to replace all four...any suggestions? On the 8.5 hour ride home, two different times, it had what I would describe as a blip or hiccup...almost as if the car was simply shut off...each time, about a two hours apart, it only lasted a second...I maybe lost 2 MPH. Any ideas...I'm looking at the MFRU...let me know if you have any suggestions. We really like the car and plan to look at doing whatever it needs. We're looking forward to being involved in the Lotus community. I heard and read that the Lotus people are even better than the cars themselves. My wife has some medical problems which began 5 years ago and she hasn't driven in a couple of years...but wants to drive this car...I'm going to encourage her to drive it today. We live 30 minutes from the North Georgia mountains...and it's curvy roads all the way up. She has dragged raced some of our cars over the years and driven others on road courses. Her daily driver for 7 years was a 12.33 (in true street trim, street tires) '87 Buick Turbo T Regal. About 85% of this Lotus purchase was to bring her some already has! We also stopped to visit/stay with friend about half way back. He took her for a 160 MPH ride in his Ford GT...that lifted her spirits as well. On another visit, I drove it and rode in it...but not THAT fast! The most amazing thing about the Ford GT is how remarkably civilized they are...a truly Doctor Jekyll/Mr.Hyde car. It is so docile, I think you could throw your grandma the keys and she could drive it. I guess no need to post pics as everyone knows what they look like. The only imperfections are some blistering under the original Star Shield behind rear tires, due to original exhaust heat shield being is now reinstalled. There is also a star stress crack on front clam is impossible to see in some lighting and obvious in others...I'll likely repair the back area but no room in our budget to repair front. Thanks, G
  4. Looking to buy an Elise...any suggestions on where to look in S.E. USA...near Atlanta, Ga or within 8 hours of there? I'd like to have a Supercharged '08...but my budget may be more of an 2006 kind of budget. Or...any suggestions on where to stay away from? Message me if preferred. Thanks, G -Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek. -Mario Andretti
  5. You've amassed quite the collection for such a young age...if I were the young man in the pic, I'd be grinning like that too! The Lotus is very nice but love that Jensen Interceptor....very cool car. G
  6. I'm in the North Georgia area very near mountain roads. Hoping to buy an Elise in the next week or so...thought I needed to sign up here. From what I can gather, Lotus owners are as unique a group as the cars themselves. Looking forward being part of the group as well as hoping to own & operate one. My previous history is with hot rods from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's Buick Gran Sports, Buick Grand National/Turbo T, a CTS-V...closest thing I've had to this is four '86 thru '89 MR2's...three of them Supercharged, one heavily modified. The money doesn't flow like it used to, I sure hope I can find an Elise I can afford in the Southeast US. Thanks, G -Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek. -Mario Andretti
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