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  1. Sample size of two... up to you really, feel free to wait until they are 25 if you like, they are north of 35 in Australia and each advertised is higher than the last...
  2. Crappy no name tyres might never wear out... just get some proper ones. Life’s too short to have a sports car on shit tyres.
  3. Aren’t the vast majority of Lotuses ever made the Elise or Exige? I wouldn’t be surprised if many survive, given how rarely they are actually driven (at least in Australia).
  4. ^^ this. I’ve got the Covercraft one in sunny Oz and it is absolute light years ahead of other shades I’ve used in the past for quality. Fits perfectly too. IMO it’s worth it to protect a car as special as an Evora...
  5. I’d have thought a sports pack is a must on a Lotus, even to Sir Colin... the doughy throttle in normal mode (and lower redline) is very frustrating in a sports car!
  6. Likewise. FWIW, I actually agree with you, Porsche quality ain’t what it’s made out to be. And S1 Evora vs 996 may as well be Bentley vs Corolla on interior materials. I thought briefly about a 997, but didn’t want an IMS grenade just to look like a dickhead everywhere...
  7. Not much point arguing with this level of cognitive dissonance. But don’t tell me you’re now a believer in unconscious bias?
  8. I’m confused, have you read something from my post as defending Porsche? My point was that in the Ford example, the worst thing they did was keep letting people die... I’m not making any point about Porsche quality...
  9. Finally got this done. Paint underneath in very good nick. Some matte black wrap to go back on the sills so squash the shape down, but otherwise it looks amazing as its maker intended!
  10. What if you banked two of them together as a 3.6L V8?
  11. That’s a shame. I’ve gone the other way from hot hatch to Evora, and have absolutely no regrets! To get my hot hatch fix, my wife’s family hauler will be on the chopping block instead...
  12. I remember seeing some numbers someone had stitched together from VFACTS or some such. I think the numbers in 2009 and 2010 were drastically poor, like 10-11 total for two years (not surprising due to GFC). Then quite a few 2011-12, maybe 40-50 cars. I'd guess 2013 to 2015 were very quiet, have never seen any for sale from these years. Then 2016 (?) the 400 came out? So I assume there may have been more activity with a refreshed model... When I added it up, I think it was about 90 cars up to end 2017, so if 2018 was also a lean year, then you're probably both right and the total is close
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