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  1. Depends on what you use it for, but for my money it would be a 400. Used values a bit unloved compared to the later cars, but realistically as good in most situations unless you are basically a pro driver
  2. ^^ Funny picture angle above, makes it look like the Porsche had some crash damage! Bit of an unfair comparison, IMO - GTS 4.0 is the more natural competitor to Emira. There will no doubt be a lighter weight, more powerful Emira (perhaps a 430 Cup or similar) which will compete head to head with GT4.
  3. I think alpine missed a trick with A110. What a shame to deny such a great car a real manual gearbox, especially since it’s easily available in the parts bin they made it from.
  4. Ok I’ll bite… which SUVs from sports car brands are sales flops, exactly?
  5. Recommend you try not to pick up ebola @SCMTBCOACH, curious - what's the reason for sale? (if you don't mind sharing)
  6. @hml_xy liking this thread, keep the updates coming! Very jealous!
  7. The whole thing gets my goat. IMO, Optus should be given two choices by the govt: 1) Pay for credit monitoring services for all impacted customers/ex-customers FOR LIFE. or 2) Pay for new licences, new mobile numbers, PO boxes, and all necessary forwarding FOR LIFE. And compensation for time taken to manage affairs due to this massive inconvenience. All paid in advanced and credited back to them (if they exist) upon death.
  8. Except that early deposit holders have long since had to finalise spec, and surely wouldn’t be able to change it at this stage?
  9. Probably marketing? Sell the less desirable ones first, so they don’t hang around…
  10. I see, since I am RHD then the lever would actually be towards me? I will check later what angle it sits normally, might mean climbing into the back
  11. I saw a review today, it looks like for Elise the lever is a bit off the vertical towards the passenger side. I wonder if a different angle will work for Evora? I've not pulled my interior apart to see what angle the OEM shifter sits at!
  12. Has anyone upgraded an Evora S1 shifter (e.g. to Inokinetic) and has an OEM spare for Manuel to measure? Would be great to be able to fit this to Evora!
  13. ^^ nice summary, @Giveitfish I have seen a youtube review where the Evora was "a GT in Lotus terms only, for any other brand it would be the most hardcore sports / track car they sell". I thought that sounds pretty fair.
  14. I haven’t, but my take on it is twofold: 1. Elise would be like turning everything up to 11. That isn’t what I want. 2. Usually you have to do some boring driving on normal roads (perhaps in traffic) to get to the good driving roads - in that sense, the Evora is a peerless all rounder. Plus, I now set a minimum of six for cylinder count, don’t want to go back to the sound of a four banger 😅
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