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  1. I don’t have anything useful to add, but hello from another Evora NA owner in Oz! Not many of us around
  2. Yes, progress indeed! Given how tight the indicator fitting is compared to a “normal” car, plus engine proximity, my guess is the LED wouldn’t get much chance to cool when in use. Loss in performance and brightness isn’t a huge concern to me since they are so much brighter anyway, but melting and fire risk are my worries. Whilst I can easily switch off the indicator waiting at the lights, I suppose my concern is if I need to actually use the hazards for a period of time, will the heat keep building to the point of being dangerous? I suppose a hazard triangle is probably the answer there though. I’m still interested in any experience around normal incandescent operating temps and acceptable LED temps, having Googled as much as I can.
  3. As I understand it, Evora has an ICM instead of an indicator relay - happy to be corrected though. I cannot find said relay in the technical manual.
  4. TL;DR - any auto electricians who can tell me what a safe operating temperature is for the body of a LED? (I.e. at what point is it a melting or fire risk to the surrounding plastics, fitting or wiring?) Small update. Perhaps my S1 is particularly sensitive, but have had no luck with Stedi, Classic Car LEDs, or Vanssi as video’d by JayEmm. I did get around the hyperflash issue with a different Vanssi product which is a T15 amber with built-in load resistors, but as expected they got really hot, really quickly. The base of the LED (presumably either the heat sink or where the resistor is located) got to about 100C after five minutes. Admittedly, it was roasting in my garage last night, about 38C ambient - but given the proximity of the Evora’s boot to its engine, that wouldn’t be a surprising operating temp! Anyhow, looking for some advice on whether that is a concerning temperature - I’m assuming it is? How hot would an incandescent get near the fitting?
  5. There are a couple of different diameters used by Lotus for the V6 units, so I believe there are some differences when fitting to Evora NA. The LOTAC05504 part fits both Evora NA and Exige S, unsure about others.
  6. Life's too short to leave a thoroughbred driving machine like an Evora sitting around too long. Drive it as much as possible and you'll have no battery issues! I take mine out to "just drive" once or twice a week.
  7. r3nault

    Emira GT4

    You guys are forgetting EVERYTHING costs more in Australia. What's the FE Emira there, 75k pounds? It's something like 190k AUD, which is 102k pounds at today's exchange rate...
  8. Isn’t the clutch master cylinder a known failing point in early Evoras? Lots of mention of Wilwood and equivalent upgrades on TLF
  9. Thread dig… the bulbs linked above by azim are no longer available. Anyone else with an S1 Evora who can confirm other brands which work? I tried the ones from Classic Car LEDs UK (ambers) and they worked fine for one side, but as soon as the second was fitted the hyper flash issue occurred.
  10. This may not be a popular opinion, but the pedestrian rule makes sense. As shown above, the driver absolutely must be able to see the pedestrian on approach and should be looking where they are turning, whereas it’s dangerous to expect a pedestrian to have 270 degree awareness of cars coming from three angles at varying speeds. I agree there may be some rear enders as a result, but that is the fault of the inattentive driver who hits your backside, not the rule itself.
  11. Is the failure of the clutch master cylinder related to the overheating of the fluid? Or are they two separate issues? I'm just wondering whether to upgrade to a Wilwood as preventative maintenance...
  12. If you want an Evora it might be a good idea to bring it with you! Choice here is sparse at best, plus you’d pay much more to buy here. Most recent sale was a 2010 with 120k km, missing premium pack but new clutch, advertised $78k (£42k at todays exchange rate) and sold within 2-3 weeks. And it was silver, as most of them seem to be. So if your thought was to buy a different one here for circa £30k, you won’t find one… If you were going to upgrade to a 400, there’s also bugger all here. 400 manuals - I’ve seen one for sale here in about two years.
  13. I think there’s not even that many. By my math, there were max 110-120 sold new… and then there could be write offs or some taken overseas. We were allocated something like 40 Launch Editions, but seems like only 20-25 actually sold… I wonder what happened to the others? Just went back into UK allocation?
  14. r3nault

    Type 132

    But won’t it ride on 20-21 inch rims with 30 profile tyres? That’s an expensive wheel repair!
  15. I saw a review where it was mentioned as a design requirement in some jurisdiction or other, to prevent accidental button press. (Perhaps the regulators should be more worried about the proliferation of screens in cars... just sayin'). But maybe the reviewer was wrong and it is just added weight!
  16. Yep, fair enough. It depends which knee too, it’s the right knee which gets a work out getting in and out for a RHD Evora. I’m guessing it might be your left knee which should be easier. Emira wouldn’t work for me as I need a 2+2, but one thing in the Evora’s favour is rarity! In Australia, more Ferraris are sold than Lotus (all models), and I think more Porsches in a month than Lotus in a year! I love the fact I’m driving something so rare. Emiras may prove too common in time, perhaps. The other week in Melbourne CBD, I was pointing out a car to my toddler… guy in a Boxster thought he was pretty cool… no mate, that’s about the ninth Boxster / Cayman we’ve seen today… it’s the ultra rare Lamborghini Espada behind you that’s caught my attention!
  17. If gearbox choice is because of your knee, might you be better with a 400 IPS? S1 entry / egress might prove an issue in the long term too…
  18. Yes, but I’m in Australia and we also measure in RON. So crap is crap for us
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