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  1. I've got Michelin PSS on mine. They're the previous generation PS4S, so still a better performance tyre than PS4.
  2. Manual. No contest. IMO the joy of throttle blips on downshifts has little to do with sound and a lot to do with achievement. The computer doing it is just Yawn to me.
  3. As above, simple really. Unless you’re better at setting up the ride and handling of a car than Lotus (!), best not to mess with the factory settings!
  4. I assume the part number gives it away, but is fitment of the Lotus Sports exhaust by Janspeed (non-valved) identical between Exige S V6 and NA Evora? I.e. is it interchangeable?
  5. Have you tried different seat positions in the car? I find I sit closer to the steering wheel of the Evora than in other cars to feel comfortable. Possibly the pain is from extending the knee too straight, or alternatively from not extending it enough?
  6. The shortage for vehicle manufacturers dates back to a decision they made to cancel orders at the start of the pandemic. Those orders were quickly soaked up by consumer electronics as the demand for those skyrocketed in lockdown. It’s unlikely this would have impacted Lotus’ inventory since they’re so low volume, so the question comes back to whether they knew the systems they would put in Emira a couple of years ago in which case they may have chips in stock… or else they’re just as screwed as everyone else
  7. Hopefully not as a Lotus shouldn't need more than one chip - the one that runs the engine
  8. It will have four wheels and a steering wheel. Or has Lotus not confirmed those yet?
  9. As a serial used car buyer, I would NEVER buy a used DCT. In Australia at least, when the car is listed as auto, it is driven like one… creeping… riding clutch to stay still on a slope… etc I'm exclusively buying manuals for now, but if I ever did buy a used auto it would be a torque converter…
  10. Having owned RenaultSports and their propensity to get blocked drains from leaf litter, I think my OCD would go nuts!
  11. Out of curiosity, for those who have the carbon slatted engine cover… does it have gaps that allow crap from outside into the engine bay?
  12. As others have said, I think it’s as unfair to criticise the experience before the Emira comes out, as it was when a motoring mag handed the Golf VIII R a “top 10 all time” hot hatch place before it had even been driven…
  13. Sample size of two... up to you really, feel free to wait until they are 25 if you like, they are north of 35 in Australia and each advertised is higher than the last...
  14. Crappy no name tyres might never wear out... just get some proper ones. Life’s too short to have a sports car on shit tyres.
  15. Aren’t the vast majority of Lotuses ever made the Elise or Exige? I wouldn’t be surprised if many survive, given how rarely they are actually driven (at least in Australia).
  16. ^^ this. I’ve got the Covercraft one in sunny Oz and it is absolute light years ahead of other shades I’ve used in the past for quality. Fits perfectly too. IMO it’s worth it to protect a car as special as an Evora...
  17. I’d have thought a sports pack is a must on a Lotus, even to Sir Colin... the doughy throttle in normal mode (and lower redline) is very frustrating in a sports car!
  18. Likewise. FWIW, I actually agree with you, Porsche quality ain’t what it’s made out to be. And S1 Evora vs 996 may as well be Bentley vs Corolla on interior materials. I thought briefly about a 997, but didn’t want an IMS grenade just to look like a dickhead everywhere...
  19. Not much point arguing with this level of cognitive dissonance. But don’t tell me you’re now a believer in unconscious bias?
  20. I’m confused, have you read something from my post as defending Porsche? My point was that in the Ford example, the worst thing they did was keep letting people die... I’m not making any point about Porsche quality...
  21. Finally got this done. Paint underneath in very good nick. Some matte black wrap to go back on the sills so squash the shape down, but otherwise it looks amazing as its maker intended!
  22. What if you banked two of them together as a 3.6L V8?
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