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  1. Welcome! Where are you shipping it off to?
  2. Haha that’s impressive! If I can’t open the first notch, I may as well give up and go have a beer somewhere...
  3. I’m curious, even if you get your window open, what then? Do you release the handbrake and gear and roll the car out?
  4. Probably a stupid question, but is there any danger of damaging the sill (or tub) by using it to get in and out, i.e. by putting a hand on it for balance? I would assume the extruded aluminium underneath doesn't care for such a small loading?
  5. Related question - I can see eliseparts sells the decal for LOTUS PERFORMANCE. Does this mean the OEM decal can be somehow removed from the cover? I might do the "paint it red" thing at some point...
  6. Thanks to government stimulus and superannuation/pension money flowing through cashed up bogans in Australia, our used car market is up 10% and enthusiast models more... My Evora appears to be worth $10k more than I paid (£5K to you Brits), whilst a DC2R Integra recently fetched $47k...
  7. Agree with this... a Lotus is “for the drivers”, a perfect heel and toe is the most rewarding part of being one of the few “real drivers” out there...
  8. Thanks both! Does help. I realised my description was wanting for an important detail, which is that I did put the spring inside the new knob but it didn’t have the intended effect. But I’ll have to have a bit of a look again later and see if it just needs a bit of a stronger spring for the new knob
  9. Second this. I got mine from Greg’s race parts in the US, it’s pricey compared to normal windscreen sunshades but fits the Evora’s unique curved windscreen perfectly and is a quality item. The only problem when shipping things from the US is the rather large temptation to order a bunch of carbon parts for shipping “economies of scale”... (otherwise known as man maths)
  10. Hi all, I have a 2010 NA Evora. Just bought a GRP GG shifter knob - noticed the OEM one in my car doesn’t have a grub screw and it just unscrews off. It does have the spring inside the centre. What I’m wondering is what role that spring plays in pushing the reverse collar back down? When I install the GG knob, the collar stays up so reverse can always be selected, while first is difficult to get. Of course, it’s easy to just push it back down again. But I also noticed when there’s no knob at all it still doesn’t spring back down. Is this normal? Does the little spring in the OEM knob somehow cause the spring action back down? PS. Take it easy on me, I’ve got no chance of being trusted to pull the entire interior of my car out!
  11. Don’t worry, I’m right there with you I also dislike crime, injustice, and the bad things in the world... I don’t subscribe to being “left” at all, just logical and apolitical. But those on the extremes of the political spectrum are seemingly immune to logic. In any case, I’m solely here to drive and love my Lotus
  12. Hi all, I realise this is a total n00b question, but what are the panels of the Evora actually made from? I see them variously described as "composite" and "fibreglass"... so I'm guessing fibreglass? The reason I ask is there is a small scratch on the fender, and I'm unsure whether it needs anti-rust... I guess not?
  13. Thanks all, that does sound like the culprit. I think it was mentioned on the prepurchase inspection report as having a bit of play
  14. Maybe they like the feeling of “driving with oven mitts on”...
  15. I notice the suspension in my S1 Evora is quite noisy when it’s doing something, like on road joins. More noticeable from the rear. Normal?
  16. I’ve been wondering if anyone has changed their head unit to the flip out kind and freed up a dash cubby this way?
  17. I had the same problem when I got my car. I can’t remember either, but some combo of the button with all the little lines and the arrow... buried somewhere in there is an option to cancel the route
  18. Never mind about finding the code, managed to get it... but any tips on where to buy paint in Oz are appreciated!
  19. Hi all - thread dig. Where can I find the paint code? I know this is probably a n00b question, but there are a lot of codes on that chassis label under the rear seat... which one am I looking for? My owner's handbook has the car listed as carbon grey, in case anyone knows that off the top of their head. Also, anyone know where to order touch up paint (spray can type) in Australia?
  20. I assume you realise I am not the person in the YT? Wasn't my car, and I don't have an S... Curious about this!!
  21. Here, some links: Cat issue starts around 8.35
  22. Sorry, I should clarify, I think the "return to engine" bit might be more theory than practice, but the "cat disintegrating" bit seems to have been talked about on the LotusTalk forum. It's also mentioned by 2bular and Monkey Wrench on their websites (though potentially just marketing spin). There was a youtuber who showed the outcome of the destroyed cats, apparently due to proximity to hot engine whereas on Toyota applications there is more room for the piping? Anyway, I suppose my question really is how likely an NA or S cat is to fail, since the de-cat full system fix is quite expensive, but probably preferable to replacing the cats with parts that are likely to disintegrate again...
  23. Hi all, Just reading up on some cat failure issues on the S model (ingesting ceramic particles from the integral catalysers in the factory headers). Has anyone had this happen on an NA engine?
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