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  1. I assume you realise I am not the person in the YT? Wasn't my car, and I don't have an S... Curious about this!!
  2. Here, some links: Cat issue starts around 8.35
  3. Sorry, I should clarify, I think the "return to engine" bit might be more theory than practice, but the "cat disintegrating" bit seems to have been talked about on the LotusTalk forum. It's also mentioned by 2bular and Monkey Wrench on their websites (though potentially just marketing spin). There was a youtuber who showed the outcome of the destroyed cats, apparently due to proximity to hot engine whereas on Toyota applications there is more room for the piping? Anyway, I suppose my question really is how likely an NA or S cat is to fail, since the de-cat full system fix is quite expensive, but probably preferable to replacing the cats with parts that are likely to disintegrate again...
  4. Hi all, Just reading up on some cat failure issues on the S model (ingesting ceramic particles from the integral catalysers in the factory headers). Has anyone had this happen on an NA engine?
  5. I'm ecstatic to announce the new arrival - a 2010 NA Evora 2+2 in (carbon?) grey! There has been some conjecture on AE that it is titanium, but it is heaps darker than our other car (a gunmetal Mazda 6), and with the earthy fleck, so I am suspecting it's carbon. Anyway... After missing out on a great-looking white one with the 430 front end and black-out treatment (by a matter of minutes), having in principle agreed terms, I decided to have a closer look at the only other NA on the market in Oz. This one was near Newcastle NSW, with exceptionally low kms (31k) and fundamentally looked in good shape, though the advert photos were very ordinary (including some where the car was dusty), and there hadn't seemed a lot of effort spent on the description. It seemed to have been listed a long time, with obvious airbag cover issues, and being both interstate and outside a capital city it was also difficult to set up an inspection. Apart from being a small market to begin with, I suspect additional points counting against this car were the owner being possibly a non-enthusiast (loved the car but not Lotus), and mis-remembering service history information. He was also an older gent who was pretty difficult to get in touch with, by modern standards. Anyway, the short story is we agreed terms (on a decent discount), small deposit paid subject to PPI done at the local experts, and the report which came back was almost glowing - a real diamond in the rough! They also arranged transport to Melbourne along with clams and other racing bits which were headed down here, and I picked up my beautiful grey steed about a month back. I like the dark colour, the car itself gets a HEAP of attention, so definitely better for me that it is not also a loud colour. First impressions? - Still smells like a new car inside - Paintwork is in incredible condition for ten years old - will be immaculate after a cut and polish - It’s so nice to be driving NA again. Whilst turbo torque is a great thing, I have missed the sound, linearity and rev happy nature of NA. It’s a very sweet engine too - Good grief these things are cranky for the first few hundred metres. Heavy clutch, recalcitrant gearshift. But gets better quickly and then just starts to feel like you’ve been driving the thing for years. The mechanicalness of everything is really nice, with the highlight of course being the hydraulically assisted steering (and I love the 'snick-snick' noise when shifting!) - It’s true what the reviews said - like most cars, pictures just really don’t do it justice. It’s an amazing blend of beauty meets purposeful meets muscular. There really isn’t any bad angle in the metal My plans? Learn to drive better! Enjoy the drama and occasion of every drive, even if it's just mundane commuting. And keep it nice and original! No need to modify perfection... I've removed the big LOTUS decals (too garish for me), and eventually that carbon wrap will probably come off too... will see what sort of shape the paint underneath is in! For posterity, here are a couple of pics of my now-sold Megane 225 Cup... was a great ride for the five years I had it, but onwards and upwards in Lotus world!
  6. Thanks Graeme! Yes the ad for the one I bought was awful and the photos were horrific, but upon inspection by the experts turned out to be a very clean car. I have to admit being a little slow putting a ride thread up on TLF, I created on on AE and need to just copy it across!
  7. Couldn’t agree more - recently picked up an NA Evora, had it trucked down to Melbourne, and despite our lockdown I am looking for every excuse to drive! (Technically it’s allowed this time in the lockdown) I haven’t owned that many special cars, this is really the first, but every drive is an occasion and even driving dull roads at low speeds is fun in this car!
  8. Agree with you all about the insanity of the final rankings, but the way I read the article is they were saying the 992 isn't as good as it should be and has fallen off the pedestal as being the one to have? Horses for courses. If you check out the M3 forums (which I recommend you don't!), you'll find a lot of love for the M3 over the Evora. I'm sure you can find people who love a Range Rover over an Evora... they just don't see driving the way we do!
  9. Thanks @Choppa, will give that a go. I note that a 2012 model came up for sale in Oz with what looks like the same model HU, and it also doesn’t show lines - so perhaps they don’t actually exist!
  10. Thanks for the response - yes, handbrake is definitely on, I released it and reclicked it just to make sure. Is there any difference in menus between engine on or off? (I know ignition has to be on to activate the camera)
  11. Hi everyone, thread dig! I’ve got one of the original W505 units and can’t see the guidelines on the reverse camera. Have been through all the menus and pressing the screen while camera is on doesn’t do anything. Any tips? Is there a specific menu I should look at?
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome @ramjet and @jep! Yes, I have definitely enjoyed my RS cars over the years, going on 12 years I think in the Clio and Megane. I hope I will be in a Lotus for at least as many years and probably more! Whilst I've always loved the Esprit (and Elise and Exige etc etc), I am pretty sure I would get my Lotus permission revoked quick-smart if I neglected to include a rear seat for the little one! How often an Evora back seat is actually used to carry baby is quite another matter altogether, though...
  13. Thanks Bibs! I very much look forward to being a true part of TLF once I have secured my Lotus :)
  14. Hi everyone, Just dropping in a line to say hello! Reputation precedes Lotus owners as a personable and enthusiastic bunch so I look forward to being part of a great community. I'm coming across from RenaultSport products; had a Clio 172 and currently selling my RS Megane Cup. I think in terms of philosophy and community, there are quite a few similarities between RS and Lotus. I'm yet to buy my Lotus - a few of you may have seen my Wanted thread, I'm looking for an early model Evora to get into. I found one interstate a couple of weeks back, made enquiries and actually had negotiated a deal with the seller, but between putting my little one to bed and calling back to put a deposit in, another buyer came back with the deposit first... Would you believe that's the second time it's happened to me in my life? It also happened with a Clio I looked at... Anyway, just saying hello, and fingers crossed one of you in Oz will be looking to upgrade and have a car for me to buy! I'm very excited to become a Lotus owner, hopefully for a very long time to come! Cheers, James
  15. Hi everyone, New member here, upgrading from a Renault Sport Megane. I'm on the lookout for an early model Evora 2+2 (manual), ideally with low k's and in immaculate condition. Launch Edition or with all three option packs specified would be great too. Anyone considering selling one / upgrading in Australia? Preferably eastern seaboard for ease of transportation, or even more preferably in Melbourne. I just missed out on one a couple of weeks ago by about an hour... Thanks all!
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