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  1. I had wrap removed from my roof, sills, spoiler and mirror, as my car came like that from its original owner but I didn’t like it. I’ve been told the life is more like seven years, and it was on my car for 8-10 with no I’ll effects. One issue, though, was whomever did the wrap cut it on the paint at the splitter, which is a sh**house cheapo thing to do and when I eventually find out who it was, they’ll be getting the one star review they deserve. As @C8RKH says, this is best identified by having it removed prior to purchase. Other than that, paint was in excellent condition underneath, even in the harsh Australian sun. But I’m still not a fan of wrap!
  2. Underneath the seat cushion is carpet, so I’d think getting that wet would also smell. Just get a big plastic sheet and pop towels on top? Edit: apologies, it’s not carpet is it? It’ll be the chassis plus velcro. But you still wouldn’t want the water leaking down to the carpet in the footwell
  3. yes, quite. If mechanically ok, he needs to buy it or wait 12-18 months for another one meeting his very specific requirements…
  4. I think it’s only part service history if I read that correctly.
  5. Mine is pretty similar to that but the dash centre join is fine. Perhaps chalk that up to the harsh Australian sun, I think the original owner of my car didn’t use a windscreen shade.
  6. Well OP is wanting white or black and so far everyone has posted silver or grey… so there’s that
  7. Out of curiosity, these plastic chrome ones are old to the touch and feel more hefty than regular door handles… what is this material? Is it really plastic?
  8. I'd suggest a new thread isn't warranted for the same search? Anyhow, it's a low volume car. Some flexibility might need to be in order on colour to get into one (especially at the low end of the market), but would appreciate no need to compromise on spec. To put it into perspective, Lamborghini has sold more Aventadors than Evoras exist in the wild.
  9. I bought this item: "EXSHOW Windshield Car Phone Mount for Cell Phones with LifeProof FRE Series Case" (AU link: The goose neck is JUST long enough for Evora, although actually I find it slightly too short as I have to put the suction cup a bit high on the windscreen which impedes my vision slightly. However, it isn't a bad solution for cheap, suction seems to be strong enough, has an extra balancing thingy which rests on the edge of the dashboard (I didn't bother using the adhesive), sits out of the way of all controls and the vents can work around it. And the angle is easily adjustable for viewing. A standard iPhone charge cable is long enough to go from the glovebox USB.
  10. Ah, sorry, not something I've experienced then! In fact, I don't even have the interior button so you're one up on me...
  11. So when you press (twice) the boot button, you don't hear the latch opening?
  12. As Rambo mentions above, you will most likely find 'OEM+' to be ideal for early Evoras. Mine is bone stock, other than the Lotus optioned Sports exhaust, and a couple of 'preventative maintenance' items (Wizard aluminium radiator and Wilwood clutch master cylinder - both known weaknesses of early cars). The stock, non-optioned exhaust is way too quiet, whilst the Sports exhaust is poor financial value compared to a 2bular (unless you can find a used one as I did).
  13. They’re all f**king? At the same time? Must make one jealous
  14. That's the first Porsche owner test. Can you out-wanker the douchenozzle selling it to you? No? Then perhaps a different brand is for you To be fair, I'd hate to want a Cayman as a real enthusiast. Most Porsches in these parts are owned by absolute dickheads, who just want the expensive badge and have no interest in actually driving the thing. Then, all the actual enthusiasts are 'guilty by association' and everyone thinks they're wankers, too. No such problem with a Lotus. There ain't anybody I've ever met who'd put up with the compromises of owning a Lotus (at least pre-Emira), except for the pure joy of driving it on a winding road and bouncing the sounds off the surroundings...
  15. ^^ yes, quite! My thinking is turbos have taken all the character out of engines, which then gets artificially put back in the form of pops and gurgles. NA or supercharged engines are not long for this world… nor are manual transmissions. So for my money, I’d rather an Emira V6 manual… drive it til it dies (unless I die first)
  16. Windscreen would be about £2k, no? In Australia the part is AUD2,600 and it’s a front clam off job.
  17. Would be more useful to have a spare battery in case yours dies out on the highway... Yes, quite. But then surely all sellers of SUVs also get whacked as there ain't nothin' "sports" about them... and for those crossover coupe SUV things, they're also not "utility"...
  18. Issue common to all Evoras or mainly later models?
  19. Firstly, agree with others - yes to service and oil change. If it’s a direct injection engine, the lack of longer journeys (30min+) will be an issue. There’s a video about it by engineering explained, but essentially wear on cylinder walls above and beyond the usual suspects when oil doesn’t get to temperature. So at least every few trips needs to be a bit longer!
  20. Yes, 100% must secure top tether for the seat to be secure. The cut out is the key bit. So you will need to wriggle the buckle to get it around the bar and down in front of the seat. It does "slide" across to the passenger side, but it's more of a "wriggle, push" kind of thing rather than a slide... it takes a bit of effort and a few minutes, but it will go across once you get it through the cut out. Do you have a tether extender? Most car seats have a top tether which is too short for the Evora. The correct path is through the top bar, then via the loop at the base of the rear seat, then across to the loop on the back of the inboard front seat rail. Others have just clipped to the loop at the base of the rear seat, but if you want to do it by the book...
  21. I’ve not driven an S, but I have never felt the need for more power than my 2010 NA. I might lose a traffic light GP to most modern hot hatches and big V8 sedans in these parts, but if I cared about that I’d be missing the point. Besides, anyone in an EV will be faster anyway, and in silence - so making lots of noise would just make me look like an idiot! On the right winding road in the hills, supercharger or not, it’s divine. There are also theoretically less heat related issues in an NA.
  22. Something like that. Perhaps slightly less for fronts. Forged wheels are hella expensive, cheapest on market for Evora are BC Forged from HethelSport, about 3300 USD from memory (before shipping and taxes)
  23. I’m sure someone can correct me, but I believe wheels were about £1k each and exhaust about £1500ish
  24. You're quite right, now that I see it on a bigger screen they are definitely blue tipped. So, two expensive options ticked, would be well worth a closer look for anyone in the market.
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