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  1. 41 minutes ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Can you trundle around town at 30mph in 4th in the GT4? I find these highly geared German cars counter-productive when designed for fuel economy. I just end up driving around a gear or two lower than with a normal box, which completely defeats the object.

    Yeah I agree. My other car is an i30N, it is always telling me to shift up. Claimed 8L/100km, I get more like 13, and I’m a pretty conservative driver! On the freeway at 100kph in 6th, I joked to my wife I’m surprised it’s not asking me to change to 7th…

  2. To clarify my earlier comment, I can’t speak for the experience from overseas, but as a local SSC are magnificent. They go above and beyond and care about our cars as much as we do. I’d never take my Lotus anywhere else.

    But they can miss emails, and the solution is simply to call them. I’ve never had to wait more than two hours for a call back.

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  3. Sounds like you guys are about 6-12 months behind Australia. Supply issues, high demand with no one wanting to take trains and buses, and economic stimulus have pushed prices up. Dealers sell new cars above sticker price. I advertised a 15 year old Mazda 6 at what i thought was 25% above market value (and 50% above what i paid five years prior), because I needed to hang onto it for a few weeks. It was under deposit within the week.

  4. 1 hour ago, mg4lotus said:

    Conversely, competing manufacturers will probably infiltrate to spread doom and gloom and encourage people to back out. A manufacturer I used to work for used to spy on competitors to get an inside handle on what they were doing. These things do happen.


    1 hour ago, jimichanga said:

    You have to wonder… things have certainly  changed here since Emira launch. Porsche are super manipulative, so many of the youtubers are in new Porsches now, a number of them have admitted to not being into Porsches previously.


  5. 2 hours ago, au-yt said:

    Justin, When I listen to the comments about the EMIRA I constantly refect on how relevant they are to the EVORA, no money for decent marketing is more than likely the reason

    The other reason is probably just bad timing. Being on sale in the wake of the GFC is rotten luck, then a few years later you’re forgotten as newer things come out…

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  6. 8 hours ago, Hughesy83 said:

    I think the NA cars have bottomed out now and will keep going north for a bit and probably firm up at £30k ish. S cars slightly more £35-40k.

    as for the 400’s they may take a knock to start with but think they will be a £60k car in the feature. All eve peas are going to be collectible mainly because, they look exotic, sound fantastic, drive very well and are cheap to run. The emira in my opinion will get people looking at evoras, and thinking yes the interior is not as good but it looks fab and has rear seats (sort of)

    I am keeping mom long term hopefully. Wish I did with my old intergrale and alpine a610, as they are all worth far more than what I paid for them.

    If classic status is achieved, do you really think a 400 is double an NA?

    FWIW, in Oz NAs are already asking your equivalent of 38k plus… (and rising thanks to COVID pricing)

  7. On 23/08/2021 at 23:37, mg4lotus said:

    1. "best car ever" is subjective. For some people it will be, for others it won't. Numbers supplied by Lotus have nothing to do with it.

    2. I don't recall any negative comments about the Evora's styling. It's a beautiful car also.

    3. a. None of the cars are being wiped away. If you've got an Elise / Exige / Evora you can still keep it. If you want to get one in future you will have to go to the second hand market. That is normal with cars.   b. "middling all rounder sports car", how do you know that, you've not got one.    c. SUV - If the picture with the Evija and three other vehicles under covers where one of them is the Emira and another one might be an SUV, it looks like no SUV I have seen. I'm preparing to be amazed. Go Lotus! (Can't afford to buy one, sadly)

    4. How do you know what the plan is?

    5. You don't have to be left behind. You can stay on board if you want to.

    6. How do you know what they are expecting or welcoming?

    7. If you are wanting some tolerance you should be more tolerant.

    If this Emira section is a party for those heading towards Emira ownership you are being a party-pooper. This section is effectively acting as a marketing tool for the Emira and you are acting as a damp squib.

    Point well made and… deafening silence. Just like all reasoned and logical arguments have been ignored or met with silence.

    Also, I can never read “damp squib” anymore without thinking about the IT crowd and “damp squid”…

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  8. Sigh, recurring theme. Agree, nobody here is a delicate petal when it comes to criticising our cars, but we actually HAVE them… I’m not precious if ppl want to criticise the Emira, but if you do, we may all feel free to retort that you’ve not driven it yet so your opinion is pure speculation…

    As for the Evora and 4C examples, the problem is values are going up because of scarcity, not just classic status. Which in fact reflects a failure of sales. So I really do hope Emira succeeds, but the proof will be in the sales and not how good it is…

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  9. I’m constantly surprised Italy have the mental capacity for penalties. It must be exhausting looking for real or imaginary objects to trip over for 120 minutes.

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