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  1. I’m constantly surprised Italy have the mental capacity for penalties. It must be exhausting looking for real or imaginary objects to trip over for 120 minutes.

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  2. Agree with @C8RKH… Emira looks great and will undoubtedly be a great drive.

    A thought on Evora values: if Emira increases OVERALL demand for Lotus products, then residuals will probably hold. It is ultra rare too. I doubt it will go up in value like old Ferraris though, since at a certain point someone would rather have an Emira.

    Also, on potential for success: Evora was launched around the GFC, and some governments tried to use austerity measures to claw their way out of it. History tells us that was a terrible idea. Although Emira is launching in a pandemic, the fact that Keynesian economics is being used (i.e. stimulus) suggests a better chance of strong sales if Lotus can reach people. Time will tell!

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  3. The shortage for vehicle manufacturers dates back to a decision they made to cancel orders at the start of the pandemic. Those orders were quickly soaked up by consumer electronics as the demand for those skyrocketed in lockdown. It’s unlikely this would have impacted Lotus’ inventory since they’re so low volume, so the question comes back to whether they knew the systems they would put in Emira a couple of years ago in which case they may have chips in stock… or else they’re just as screwed as everyone else

  4. As a serial used car buyer, I would NEVER buy a used DCT. In Australia at least, when the car is listed as auto, it is driven like one… creeping… riding clutch to stay still on a slope… etc

    I'm exclusively buying manuals for now, but if I ever did buy a used auto it would be a torque converter…

  5. 41 minutes ago, karluk29 said:

    I'm on errr..... Shite no names on the rear and neros on the front. It came with them on with lots of tread so will buy better tyres when they need replacing. 

    I just launched it on a random bypass near my house which makes the time even more impressive. How accurate it is I don't know but I made sure I sat there 15secs so all GPS was OK. (cars coming the other way did look at me funny ha ha). 

    I am reluctant doing a left foot launch tbh. Maybe a quick 2000rpm and go but nothing silly and only once. 

    If I really wanted to go for it I would take it to Pod on a glued launch (my mate is one of the race directors) but not interested, I just thought it would be a fun experiment. 

    It does run out of a little puff over 140mph I know that. Shame as my esprit GT3 was still going at 173mph.

    Crappy no name tyres might never wear out... just get some proper ones. Life’s too short to have a sports car on shit tyres.

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