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  1. 12 hours ago, Edinburgh 111s said:

    Learn how to do it the manual way.... it’s not difficult and can be pretty rewarding. 
    i am not sure these devices do much good for the car. 

    Agree with this... a Lotus is “for the drivers”, a perfect heel and toe is the most rewarding part of being one of the few “real drivers” out there...

  2. 12 hours ago, jep said:

    Covercraft do a bespoke sunshade - fits perfectly and covers the whole screen. I think only available via USA website, I bought mine from TLF member who sold his Evora. 

    Second this. I got mine from Greg’s race parts in the US, it’s pricey compared to normal windscreen sunshades but fits the Evora’s unique curved windscreen perfectly and is a quality item. The only problem when shipping things from the US is the rather large temptation to order a bunch of carbon parts for shipping “economies of scale”... (otherwise known as man maths)

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  3. Hi all, I have a 2010 NA Evora. Just bought a GRP GG shifter knob - noticed the OEM one in my car doesn’t have a grub screw and it just unscrews off. It does have the spring inside the centre.

    What I’m wondering is what role that spring plays in pushing the reverse collar back down? When I install the GG knob, the collar stays up so reverse can always be selected, while first is difficult to get. Of course, it’s easy to just push it back down again. But I also noticed when there’s no knob at all it still doesn’t spring back down.

    Is this normal? Does the little spring in the OEM knob somehow cause the spring action back down?

    PS. Take it easy on me, I’ve got no chance of being trusted to pull the entire interior of my car out!

  4. Hi all - thread dig. Where can I find the paint code? I know this is probably a n00b question, but there are a lot of codes on that chassis label under the rear seat... which one am I looking for? My owner's handbook has the car listed as carbon grey, in case anyone knows that off the top of their head.

    Also, anyone know where to order touch up paint (spray can type) in Australia?

  5. 18 hours ago, EGTE said:

    To the OP: you say yourself in your YT video's comments that you think this car had been tracked (I think a lot, probably).   Given that the car had had the entire transmission replaced (!!!) after track abuse, I think your car has been royally shagged by a previous owner. As you can see from the previous reply, it's not a widely-reported issue.

    Never heard of the starter motor going, either; you've been a bit unlucky, I think.

    Also, was the 2GF-FE designed to take forced induction? I do get the impression that the extra heat and boost of the supercharged models can cause issues that the NAs are not quite as vulnerable to.

    I assume you realise I am not the person in the YT? Wasn't my car, and I don't have an S...

    14 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    These stories often emanate from Scotland. 

    Curious about this!!

  6. Sorry, I should clarify, I think the "return to engine" bit might be more theory than practice, but the "cat disintegrating" bit seems to have been talked about on the LotusTalk forum. It's also mentioned by 2bular and Monkey Wrench on their websites (though potentially just marketing spin).

    There was a youtuber who showed the outcome of the destroyed cats, apparently due to proximity to hot engine whereas on Toyota applications there is more room for the piping?

    Anyway, I suppose my question really is how likely an NA or S cat is to fail, since the de-cat full system fix is quite expensive, but probably preferable to replacing the cats with parts that are likely to disintegrate again...

  7. I'm ecstatic to announce the new arrival - a 2010 NA Evora 2+2 in (carbon?) grey! There has been some conjecture on AE that it is titanium, but it is heaps darker than our other car (a gunmetal Mazda 6), and with the earthy fleck, so I am suspecting it's carbon. Anyway...

    After missing out on a great-looking white one with the 430 front end and black-out treatment (by a matter of minutes), having in principle agreed terms, I decided to have a closer look at the only other NA on the market in Oz. This one was near Newcastle NSW, with exceptionally low kms (31k) and fundamentally looked in good shape, though the advert photos were very ordinary (including some where the car was dusty), and there hadn't seemed a lot of effort spent on the description. It seemed to have been listed a long time, with obvious airbag cover issues, and being both interstate and outside a capital city it was also difficult to set up an inspection.

    Apart from being a small market to begin with, I suspect additional points counting against this car were the owner being possibly a non-enthusiast (loved the car but not Lotus), and mis-remembering service history information. He was also an older gent who was pretty difficult to get in touch with, by modern standards. Anyway, the short story is we agreed terms (on a decent discount), small deposit paid subject to PPI done at the local experts, and the report which came back was almost glowing - a real diamond in the rough! They also arranged transport to Melbourne along with clams and other racing bits which were headed down here, and I picked up my beautiful grey steed about a month back.

    I like the dark colour, the car itself gets a HEAP of attention, so definitely better for me that it is not also a loud colour.

    First impressions?
    - Still smells like a new car inside
    - Paintwork is in incredible condition for ten years old - will be immaculate after a cut and polish
    - It’s so nice to be driving NA again. Whilst turbo torque is a great thing, I have missed the sound, linearity and rev happy nature of NA. It’s a very sweet engine too
    - Good grief these things are cranky for the first few hundred metres. Heavy clutch, recalcitrant gearshift. But gets better quickly and then just starts to feel like you’ve been driving the thing for years. The mechanicalness of everything is really nice, with the highlight of course being the hydraulically assisted steering (and I love the 'snick-snick' noise when shifting!)
    - It’s true what the reviews said - like most cars, pictures just really don’t do it justice. It’s an amazing blend of beauty meets purposeful meets muscular. There really isn’t any bad angle in the metal

    My plans? Learn to drive better! Enjoy the drama and occasion of every drive, even if it's just mundane commuting. And keep it nice and original! No need to modify perfection...

    I've removed the big LOTUS decals (too garish for me), and eventually that carbon wrap will probably come off too... will see what sort of shape the paint underneath is in!

    For posterity, here are a couple of pics of my now-sold Megane 225 Cup... was a great ride for the five years I had it, but onwards and upwards in Lotus world!





    RHS front quarter.jpg

    RHS rear quarter.jpg

  8. Thanks Graeme! Yes the ad for the one I bought was awful and the photos were horrific, but upon inspection by the experts turned out to be a very clean car. I have to admit being a little slow putting a ride thread up on TLF, I created on on AE and need to just copy it across!

  9. Couldn’t agree more - recently picked up an NA Evora, had it trucked down to Melbourne, and despite our lockdown I am looking for every excuse to drive! (Technically it’s allowed this time in the lockdown)

    I haven’t owned that many special cars, this is really the first, but every drive is an occasion and even driving dull roads at low speeds is fun in this car!

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