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  1. @hml_xy liking this thread, keep the updates coming! Very jealous!
  2. The whole thing gets my goat. IMO, Optus should be given two choices by the govt: 1) Pay for credit monitoring services for all impacted customers/ex-customers FOR LIFE. or 2) Pay for new licences, new mobile numbers, PO boxes, and all necessary forwarding FOR LIFE. And compensation for time taken to manage affairs due to this massive inconvenience. All paid in advanced and credited back to them (if they exist) upon death.
  3. Except that early deposit holders have long since had to finalise spec, and surely wouldn’t be able to change it at this stage?
  4. Probably marketing? Sell the less desirable ones first, so they don’t hang around…
  5. I see, since I am RHD then the lever would actually be towards me? I will check later what angle it sits normally, might mean climbing into the back
  6. I saw a review today, it looks like for Elise the lever is a bit off the vertical towards the passenger side. I wonder if a different angle will work for Evora? I've not pulled my interior apart to see what angle the OEM shifter sits at!
  7. Has anyone upgraded an Evora S1 shifter (e.g. to Inokinetic) and has an OEM spare for Manuel to measure? Would be great to be able to fit this to Evora!
  8. ^^ nice summary, @Giveitfish I have seen a youtube review where the Evora was "a GT in Lotus terms only, for any other brand it would be the most hardcore sports / track car they sell". I thought that sounds pretty fair.
  9. I haven’t, but my take on it is twofold: 1. Elise would be like turning everything up to 11. That isn’t what I want. 2. Usually you have to do some boring driving on normal roads (perhaps in traffic) to get to the good driving roads - in that sense, the Evora is a peerless all rounder. Plus, I now set a minimum of six for cylinder count, don’t want to go back to the sound of a four banger 😅
  10. Happened once to me in my Evora. Engine stalled each time I disengaged the clutch, just on one trip. After turning the key all the way off then on, it ran fine but threw an error code. Had it looked at by the local specialists, they cleared the code and it hasn't happened again since. Incidentally, I had switched from the standard exhaust to the Sport one about a month earlier, so the theory was that the ECU needed to re-trim the fuel for the slightly different breathing.
  11. Just to throw it out there, market value of my 2010 NA in these parts sits around GBP 54K at today's exchange rate. Moral of the story: move to Australia if you want a good price on your Evora
  12. I didn’t know R26s could be silver? In Australia, we only got black and yellow. Bright colours suit Elise / Exige well, just to be seen in traffic. I wouldn’t be too worried about the wrong type of attention, people who don’t know cars from toasters will react (or not) the same regardless of colour, and those who know what it is will know it’s a “driver” not a “poser” - no one in their right mind would buy an Exige just to park in town to look cool… In these parts, every car is a sea of white/black/silver/grey so any sort of colour breaks up the monotony!
  13. I suppose male and female electrical plugs will now have to be 'sticky' and 'holey'...
  14. These sound like 100% different things. I’m fairly certain most production updates (comms) at this stage of the process would not include spec changes to any of the things you mention. How cool would that be though? “Quick update everyone, our sincerest apologies but we could not sufficiently detune the engine and some idiot ordered the wrong valve springs, so you are getting a 470bhp 7800rpm V6 instead. Sorry”
  15. @C8RKH my post wasn’t directed at you. I haven’t had any issue with what you've raised, which is essentially what I have also said, being that different cars will appeal to different people. My central point was there are a few (not you) who are decrying this “too heavy too soft not-Lotus” but I don’t see the same said about Esprit (nor should it be) - perhaps 25 years is the minimum hindsight for people to appreciate a change? Never said, nor intimated in my post. I’m not pretending it’s perfect. Yep, and I agree. To me, a Lotus is for driving, ICE stands for internal combustion engine and not in-car entertainment. We both recognise others may feel different as is their right. But I can assure I do have a grip, I.e. perspective, and you seem overly irritated by a post not even directed at you…. I’m not now - and probably never - buying an Emira, unless I have a sudden change in life circumstances which allows me to have 3 or 4 cars and the storage for them. So I’m not some woolley eyed tie dyed fan. But I was simply calling out the unnecessary (in my view) negativity from some - not you - which - again, contrary to what you and I both seem to be saying - lacks the balance to see it for what it is.
  16. @Eagle7 well said. As the kids would say, haters gonna hate. Emira is a gorgeous car which looks to be easily daily liveable and with few of the compromised previous Lotus have asked of their owners. Different horses for different courses! For all the negativity (here and elsewhere) about the Emira, and sometimes even Evora, for being too heavy, soft etc etc - not a “real” Lotus - I NEVER see the same said about the Esprit. Let’s not forget later Esprits were more than 1300kg in an era when all cars were lighter due to less safety regs. Evora and Emira are relatively even lighter in the modern era compared to other cars but get criticise for being overweight? I have no problem with the Esprit - just pointing out the hypocrisy. I hope everyone who has ordered an Emira just loves it and most importantly gets out and drives it!
  17. In terms of adding power - I certainly take your point that it's odd to have a step back from 410/430, and quite cynical in terms of marketing those numbers as more expensive, upgraded models. But to be fair, they've reached the limit of the manual gearbox fitted anyway, haven't they? The 410 IPS has more torque than the manual, for instance. So it seems unlikely they'll get beyond 430bhp. The issue of adaptive dampers was addressed in Harry's video - apparently (if you can believe it), Gavan Kershaw said they couldn't get the right balance with adaptive dampers vs the Bilstein passive items. What I would say is this - my Evora NA on passive Bilsteins absolutely s--ts all over my i30N on adjustable dampers, whatever mode is chosen. Whether it's cornering balance or ride over rough surfaces, the i30N is not a patch on my Evora, ever.
  18. What a lovely place to get stranded! Alicante is beautiful.
  19. The Lotus would have a narrower overall cabin sitting inside wider haunches - so perhaps less of an offset than the R8?
  20. I had wrap removed from my roof, sills, spoiler and mirror, as my car came like that from its original owner but I didn’t like it. I’ve been told the life is more like seven years, and it was on my car for 8-10 with no I’ll effects. One issue, though, was whomever did the wrap cut it on the paint at the splitter, which is a sh**house cheapo thing to do and when I eventually find out who it was, they’ll be getting the one star review they deserve. As @C8RKH says, this is best identified by having it removed prior to purchase. Other than that, paint was in excellent condition underneath, even in the harsh Australian sun. But I’m still not a fan of wrap!
  21. Underneath the seat cushion is carpet, so I’d think getting that wet would also smell. Just get a big plastic sheet and pop towels on top? Edit: apologies, it’s not carpet is it? It’ll be the chassis plus velcro. But you still wouldn’t want the water leaking down to the carpet in the footwell
  22. yes, quite. If mechanically ok, he needs to buy it or wait 12-18 months for another one meeting his very specific requirements…
  23. I think it’s only part service history if I read that correctly.
  24. Mine is pretty similar to that but the dash centre join is fine. Perhaps chalk that up to the harsh Australian sun, I think the original owner of my car didn’t use a windscreen shade.
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