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  1. Yes I replaced absolutely everything - even the butterflies as they were bent. Manometer and new timing light has arrived. Just need to get some time on it now.
  2. Thank you to everyone for a quick response. I've purchased a morgan carbtune manometer. and a new timing gun tonight. If possible, I'd rather not take the carbs off again to check the accelerator pumps after replacing all the gaskets to the manifold and trumpets. Is there another way to check? Can I assume its best to time the distributor first (ease of access), then add the air box and turbo pipe before proceeding to use the manometer? Thanks again. Rob
  3. Hello Lotus fans. I'm hoping you might be able to grant me some knowledge on getting my Esprit 1989 turbo running sweetly again. I've had the car since the start of the pandemic and only driven a handful of times. Bit by bit I'm working through its faults: replacing the alternator, wheel bearing, bushes etc. I noticed a strong whiff of fuel whilst driving and saw a big fuel leak when I was changing the oil. This lead me to believe that the carbs needed an overhaul as they hadn't been done in years, yet in hindsight I think the leak was coming from a perished fuel hose. Anyhow, I've rebuilt the carbs with a kit from Southwest Lotus and Eurocarb fitted the spindle bearings and checked everything. I've fitted a new throttle cable and now need to balance everything. I've taken my guidance from the Dellorto and Webber tuning manual. The car now starts (3.5 turns out on the idle mixture screws). I've got a synchrometer tool ready to balance. I've read a few posts on here regarding the colourtune tool. Is this worth getting? So where do I start? Get the engine warm, get the idle set right on the main carb, get the second carb (airflow) balanced to the first. Other than the idle mixture screws and throttle idle screws, what else needs adjusting? Any help greatly received. Based in Herefordshire. Excuses the gold in the engine bay. When I started the air box and turbo pipe were also gold! Also, excuse the amount of yellow!! Not my taste; I'll be working on this!
  4. I had no idea that there were so many local owners. Great to meet everyone and I look forward to the next gathering. A run to caffeine and machine seems a good bet. We could even do that in an evening and get dinner there. A few images from today:
  5. Currently stripping down and rebuilding my carbs. So far so good. Had a lot of fuel stains around the seals (opposite side to bearing) so I've taken all of the spindle mechanism out to replace with new bearings. Every diagram of video I've seen is for na carbs that don't contain the seals. I've tried replacing them and it's a complete nightmare although the bearing replacement seems easy. Can anyone give me some hints of tips? Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks to all - some good progress made today.
  7. That's really useful, thank you. Any idea where I can get the correct service technical manual from? I've now got most of the manual for the Stevens car, just not a carb turbo one. Cheers
  8. I have a 1989 Stevens turbo and need a manual. I'm about to start stripping the carbs so could do with diagrams. There are loads of different manuals about on the internet. Can someone point me in the right direction of something that is relevant to this car and value for money? Many thanks
  9. Alternator is now refurbished with new bearings. Voltage regulator had melted! Got a local firm to do it all for £65 so I'm pretty content with that! I'll fit it tomorrow, then on to the carbs!
  10. Got the non-charging alternator out today so will look for a suitable replacement. I was considering one of the uprated ones on eBay, has anyone bought one? Taking the air box out revealed a leak on the 4th trumpet. I understand this is common. I'm new to Lotus so any comments and advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks
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