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  1. Currently stripping down and rebuilding my carbs. So far so good. Had a lot of fuel stains around the seals (opposite side to bearing) so I've taken all of the spindle mechanism out to replace with new bearings. Every diagram of video I've seen is for na carbs that don't contain the seals. I've tried replacing them and it's a complete nightmare although the bearing replacement seems easy. Can anyone give me some hints of tips? Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks to all - some good progress made today.
  3. That's really useful, thank you. Any idea where I can get the correct service technical manual from? I've now got most of the manual for the Stevens car, just not a carb turbo one. Cheers
  4. I have a 1989 Stevens turbo and need a manual. I'm about to start stripping the carbs so could do with diagrams. There are loads of different manuals about on the internet. Can someone point me in the right direction of something that is relevant to this car and value for money? Many thanks
  5. Alternator is now refurbished with new bearings. Voltage regulator had melted! Got a local firm to do it all for £65 so I'm pretty content with that! I'll fit it tomorrow, then on to the carbs!
  6. Got the non-charging alternator out today so will look for a suitable replacement. I was considering one of the uprated ones on eBay, has anyone bought one? Taking the air box out revealed a leak on the 4th trumpet. I understand this is common. I'm new to Lotus so any comments and advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Full retrim, alcantara dash and headlining. Looks better in the flesh than the pictures. I bought it with a view to toning it down but it's actually growing on me
  8. Barry, nothing more than 12.2v again even with the revs increased. Alternator is coming out Tuesday! Back at work again now
  9. Thanks Barry, good point. I checked it at both the battery and alternator and the result was the same. I'll clamp an earth lead to the battery directly off the alternator and see if there is any difference.
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first post on the forum. I've recently bought a 1989 Carb turbo Esprit and I'm new to the world of Lotus. I've been an active member of the X1/9 owners club for 20 years and still have a couple in my collection. My Esprit is MOT'd and on the road (Well it broke yesterday actually) but requires a number of jobs to get it something like it should be. It's got the later bumpers, a custom rear diffuser, S4 wheels and it's had a full interior re-trim and engine rebuild. The alternator needs replacing as it's only putting out 12.2V. Has anyone got a part number
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