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  1. Searched and found nothing except it is on the S2. Mine's a MY20 if that helps.
  2. So far, so great. 1100 miles done and it’s going to B&C tomorrow for the run-in inspection and service. Zero issues to report and only a sticking passenger door pin and something sliding around inside the drivers door to note. Sounds like someone left their house keys inside it. Anyway, they’ll look at that tomorrow. The car has been a joy to drive and with the roof off it’s just an awesome experience. Can’t recommend the ceramic coating and PPF enough. I cleaned it for the first time last week and it was like new with just one going over with a couple of buckets.
  3. I'm having the front bumper done only. According to Jamie the bit aft of the doors are done by Lotus anyway since they take a battering.
  4. Here's the tangerine dream waiting for detailing and PPF before it delivered next week. Hands off if you're at B&C
  5. Having seen the Elise in the flesh on Friday I can say I'm very happy with the decision. If I'd gone straight into an Exige the only place to go there is a faster Exige or whatever replaces it next year - and that won't be an Elise/Exige as we know it so this is the end of the line and a good time to get into one. Not saying it's like air cooled 911 time or anything but it won't be coming back. As others mentioned, with the Elise there's a path upwards and it's a superb starting point which seems to tick all your boxes. Only issue I have with the 250 is the one year warranty for what seems
  6. That must have been a lot of fun. No such chance this time otherwise I’d have collected it from there
  7. Here it is in ‘bloody-hell-that-is-very-orange’ orange. Should have it in a couple of weeks. Getting paint correction, PPF and fully sealed before delivery.
  8. Could anyone tell me which Sony headunit Lotus are currently supplying please? I'm getting 4 speakers in mine and can't seem to find what size the rear ones are unless they're just the same 6.5" as previous years? The idea is to get a better stereo where I can use the rear ones for lower frequencies so I don't have to bleed all over the nice new floor faffing installing a little sub I've read the Focals are the best fit for the front without needing to cut so if anyone has a preference for the rears that just swap straight out that'd be the best solution. Any advice is welcome
  9. Found a car and likely signing tomorrow. Elise Sport 220.
  10. Cracked bodywork over the headlight. Draw your own conclusions. Other side had similar marks but the bodywork wasn’t cracked to the point I could squeeze it together again as in the video. I saw zero crash damage to the front or underside so can’t imagine how it happened. On the right of the small crack there is another mark (not the PPF line) that looked to my eyes as a further crack under the paintwork. The rest of the car was neat and clean.
  11. If that’s the etiquette I’ll post in a moment. Just out walking the dog 👍🏼
  12. Just saw the orange 350 and walked away. Happy to have a private message as to the reason should anyone else have it on their radar.
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