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  1. Had they skipped the Emira would any of you have moved to an EV 2 seater assuming it was available to order this year?
  2. They didn't do themselves many favours framing this as the 131 launch.
  3. Agreed. Looked like a DVD marketing brochure. Almost begging twice for partnerships on the new electric platform like they are with Alpine was disappointing and throughout the whole thing the tone wasn't showing any strength at all. Such a shame and frankly if they didn't have the Emira they'd be selling even fewer cars than last year. I suspect the sweetest decisions for current owners is to keep what they have or move to the latest non-131 models as they'll all treat us well forever. Maybe the Evora FE will be the sweetest swan song, who knows. Or maybe everything will be great and electric sports cars with GTR weight will be fine. And the Emira will be the last car built in the UK according to Pistonheads. That stings.
  4. On the bright side, used Lotus values just went up in the last 35 minutes. "Targeted marketing" "AI" "Machine learning" 80 points. Well done.
  5. Wank. Turning it off. Not even saying what the engines will be. Feel properly duped.
  6. Lots of "not showing the car today" feelings 😕
  7. Website isn't working for me. 502 error 😕
  8. Apologies if this has already been posted anywhere but you know about this right? It's the live stream of the announcements tomorrow. PR confirmed to me it's for the public too. Not sure why the username or password - maybe for the press to get their writing early before the 1215 embargo.
  9. 12pm tomorrow we should see something
  10. Searched and found nothing except it is on the S2. Mine's a MY20 if that helps.
  11. So far, so great. 1100 miles done and it’s going to B&C tomorrow for the run-in inspection and service. Zero issues to report and only a sticking passenger door pin and something sliding around inside the drivers door to note. Sounds like someone left their house keys inside it. Anyway, they’ll look at that tomorrow. The car has been a joy to drive and with the roof off it’s just an awesome experience. Can’t recommend the ceramic coating and PPF enough. I cleaned it for the first time last week and it was like new with just one going over with a couple of buckets. Staggeringly good and when it rains it’s clean by morning. Incidently it looks like that damaged 350 has been sold so hopefully whoever it was noticed...
  12. I'm having the front bumper done only. According to Jamie the bit aft of the doors are done by Lotus anyway since they take a battering.
  13. Here's the tangerine dream waiting for detailing and PPF before it delivered next week. Hands off if you're at B&C
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