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    Used to own: Elise MkI type 49, Elise Sport 190 Type 49, Exige S1, Europa S, Exige V6. Now own: Lotus GT430 / 991.2 Turbo Cab / BMW X5 45E
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  1. DaiDai

    TLF GT430 Club

    Hi Guys, I know this has been discussed quite a bit, but still confused... I am looking to bypass the electronic exhaust opening at 4.700 RPM and have the on/off switch capability at lower RPMs. I understand there are 2 possibilities; 1)reinstate the on/off switch on dashboard But can not seem to make this work (tried to take the safety washer of the switch, but still does not work - and not sure if actually wired-in on my GT430)? 1) remote controlled system - but does this maintain the automatic opening of the exhaust valve when not pressed? many thanks for your help!
  2. DaiDai

    TLF GT430 Club

    Hi Black Forest Power, how did you book the experience day at Anneau du Rhin? Would love to do the same but their website doesn’t mention the GT430?
  3. DaiDai

    TLF GT430 Club

    Hi all, newbie here. Bought this car last year from Leven Edinburgh. Believe this was the Lotus demonstrator at Goodwood. Absolutely love the drive. Also have a Turbo which is very fast but clinical in comparison. When you get back in the Lotus, it is a sensory overload - fantastic! Can’t wait until we can get back out for some epic road trips!!!
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