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  1. Hi all. I am looking to replace the steering column upper bearing on my lotus esprit s2. Does anyone know if the bearing is available separently as it sits in a removable housing, or if the column/ bearing is a lotus part only? Pic attached.
  2. Hey lotus lovers. I have read the posts above and have found them quite helpful. I have 2 lotus esprits s3's. My red one is 1985 and has a black badge with gold writing and my silver one is 1986 and has green and gold. See photo. Are these quite rare or unusual badges? Thanks in advance. (Photo attached).
  3. Thanks both. This information helps a lot. Chris J - looking at your pic it has even more cloth than mine. My lotus has a leather centre console lid and door handles. It's almost as if lotus let their customers completely customise the interior? It's good to know there are others out there like mine...but has anyone seen 1 or got 1 with an identical cloth-ish interior in a red lotus?
  4. Hi all. I am new to this forum and new to owning a very lovely red 2.2 classic lotus esprit. I have a question and i hope someone can help me. I've spent far too long googling this to no avail. My esprit has an original full carpet/velour interior. Everything except for the centre console lid and door handles inside that is, they are a grey leather. It is a lovely light grey velour, so snug and confortable....but i haven't seen another like it. Is my car a special edition? Does anyone else have one like this? I will try to attach a photo. Thanks in advance.
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