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  1. @Composite guru Ill give it a go! Any tips?? Where do you buy the black PPF? Did you snap any of the p-rivets when you took them off?? Or do they unscrew ok?
  2. @Neal H Thanks! Aggressive is exactly the word! its got quite back stone chips to the side sill barge boards on both sides, and also just in front of the wheel arch, so might replace/respray those and get some rear quarter panel protectors.
  3. Hi @pete, Midlands. Northamptonshire.
  4. What an unbelievable (literally) weekend Ive had! Thank you to everyone for their help. The second I stepped in this Elise S-Cuo, I knew it was coming home! Hope to see / meet a few of you over the coming years! if there are any groups for meets etc please let me know and Ill join up. James
  5. @Hangar 111 Interesting! 3 months is no time... the original S Cups must be quite rare then!! So all S Cups sit on the MY65 plates?
  6. Thanks Guys . Collecting first thing Saturday morning.. pray for no rain for me! Anyone know what the production run was on the S-Cups? Ive never one of them on the roads, although I do indirectly know another owner of a 250Cup.
  7. Definitely just bought an S-Cup!! Thank you for all the advice. In the end it made sense to buy as new as I could, within the Cup Elises. I kind of also liked that the S-Cup was the first variant of what is now the 220 and 250, directly from the S-Cup R. During the test drive, I never felt it lacked power on the B-roads and even on relatively worn tires, it felt like serious traction forces were in action! Ill throw some pics up when its on the driveway! Unbelievably excited to become a Lotus owner. Dreamt about this for decades! Thanks again
  8. Thanks Neal, great reply As you have correctly picked up on, Im keen on a toys depreciation not being too high... or even non-existent... tough with cars. seems to me that mechanically the S2 Exige 2ZZs are strong and reliable, maybe due to their Japanese origins and easy lives pushing a lightweight car! Mad a few enquires so Ill loop back! Please read this -
  9. The budget definitely isnt going to push to a 250 Cup. Ive looked at an S Cup but no test drive yet... doesnt seem to much (any) difference between that and the Cup 220. Just a rebrand. Kinda like that the S Cup is the original of that era of toughened Elise. You are not the only person who has told me that the removable hard tops are all very well, but they tend to stay put. If youre going on a long drive, you need it, and nowhere to store it... so unless its a drive away from and back to home, I see your point. No doubt though, the adjectives that seem to accompany the letters 2ZZ does sound fun if the toy is only going to use for the benefit of smiles!! I wasnt even going to test drive one a few weeks ago because I had convinced myself to buy the newer engineering... but on you advices and with the added value of holding their prices, I think Im going have to!
  10. Music to my ears! Couple of us tried to tick the daily and sports box with the M140s and whilst they are unbelievably quick in a straight line, they disappoint/want to kill you, the second it rains or the roads arent straight and under 40 degrees c! I see why BMW made them, because thousands of muppets like me went out and bought them! If they had an M3 touring, Id have bought that. Not a saloon man. Test driving is the next stage, just waiting for the world to heel itself a bit more. Mad times... but its slowly getting there.
  11. Theres the spanner in the works! Did the supercharge wine never get annoying? Ive never owned a supercharged motor before. It definitely sounds like both need test driving. It would be so good to be able to drive them back to back, though Almost impossible unless a dealer has both! Were you bothered by the S2 not being an open top? I love the idea of getting the roof off, but that probably because the U.K. has seen 4 weeks of relatively nice weather and lets face it, thats not exactly the norm!
  12. Thanks! I totally agree on all fronts. Ive read that the S2 Exiges are a bit more lively on exit, but you never know whether to believe what you read these days! Youve pretty much answered my main concern which was the available torque. Coming from an M140i which has one of the best engines Ive driven (in a smallish car) I was worried that the S2 would only feel quick when ringing its neck. I am looking for on rails but in comparison to the M140, both the S2 and S3 are going to wipe the floor with it. Handling isnt its strong point... Ill definitely test drive a few, but it sounds like newer will offer everything and older will hold value and feel a little more raw. The budget is sadly not big enough for the open linkage. Complete work of art!
  13. Hi, First post, massive fan, big up to all Lotus owners and dreamers. Ive been the later most of my life and plan on changing that soonish... who hasnt dreamt of owning one of the purest sports cars ever produced...? Long story short, Im in the market for a toy and its definitely going to be a Lotus. Im torn between an; Exige S2 (220bhp) which it seems to me are holding value, if you are smart about your purchase and an Elise Cup of sorts. Cup R or a 220 seem to be more in budget (瞿30k). They are both going to be incredible, that is the win-win situation, but because of the age between the two cars and the model variance (S2/S3) and also that the newer Elise Cups seem to be the new Exige (thats not the V6), Id be really interested to hear thoughts on pro and cons, maybe owners of the two who have been through the same buying questions... Thanks for listening! Very excited to become a Lotus owner. James
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