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  1. Hello! I have come to ask for your help in solving a mechanical problem that has been going on for a year. The problem that occurs is the loss of power (limp mode) of the engine and that shows a yellow fault signal on the panel. When connecting to the computer, there is a problem with the throttle body. After cleaning the butterfly valve, for some time (between 1 and 2 months) the car was running normally. However the problem happened again and the procedure for the resolution was the replacement of the throttle body as shown in the image For 4 months the car worked normally. In the past weekend the engine's power failure happened again in exactly the same way as mentioned above, that is, the problem remains. Considering fact that there are no specialized workshops in our region (Madeira Island) or even technicians knowledgeable in the Lotus brand, I ask, please, your help to resolve this issue. Thanks
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