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  1. Yes that blue is amazing ! Don’t know what color I’ll choose when the time comes, most looks good. Yellow, green and blue feels fitting for the S3.
  2. Couldn't say it better guys ! I'm not a drug guy but trying a Lotus sure felt like trying a new one ! I was so happy when I got out, couldn't believe the feelings I got when I drove it mildly hard on some B roads. Everything comes with a sense of occasion when driving it, having to work for it instead of being assisted by a gazillion of systems and neutered by a dead steering like in so many cars is amazing. And having that raw sound right behind your ears is very nice too. It also helped that the sales guy was very friendly and helpful, as well as Patricia the lady who scheduled the tes
  3. Hi there ! Just found this forum after looking up about the Elise S3 on the internet. The reason I was looking it up is because I test-drove a Cup 250 this week and it was an awesome experience. I bought a new ND Miata 6 months ago but the Elise drive just opened my eyes about what a "real" driver's car can be ! The Elise Cup 250 is so visceral I never felt that behind a wheel. I work on a side project with my father, we have an automotive/motorcycles news website and we review frequently cars and bikes. So I had the occasion of trying several powerful vehicles like the lates
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