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  1. My Lotus Elise S 1 throttle pedal linkage is now popping off at the ball joint. This of course means I then have no acceleration . This seems to happen when I accelerate suddenly, not all the time. I’ve looked into the wheelwell and there seems to be adjusting screws but I’m not sure which to do this, or if there is a part that has worn out or fallen off.
  2. When I got my Elise out this spring for it’s first drive, the linkage on the throttle pedal popped out and the engine returned to idle. I had to climb into the wheelwell and pop it back on. Has anyone experienced this problem and do you know of a fix? It was a cool spring day, we have recently moved to (almost) mountains and at the time my (now replaced) battery was dead so after getting it jumped, I had once or twice punched the throttle a bit hard afraid it would stall (but that wasn’t when it popped out). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Greg
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