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  1. Thank you guys! I think I'll go with a RHD, and maybe... maybe in the far future if I feel adventurous then I will dig in to the conversion.
  2. Hello Everybody! I recently found out that the Eclat exists, and instantly, I fell in love with it. I live in mid/eastern Europe, and almost all of the vehicles I found online was left hand drive. I am a bit concerned, since if I own something this cool, I tend to use it every day, and this may will bother me in the future. I feel really passionate about this car, it has the style and for a reasonable price. Is it even possible to find a left hand drive one? (I am not really looking for a mint condition one, I love to fix stuff) Somebody mentioned in one ad, that it is not a big deal to convert a LHD to a RHD, but I doubt that. Anyhow, I appreciate any help and advice. Thanks!
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