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  1. So you think it has a fault then and should open ?
  2. I was playing with the exhaust valve button in the lf1 today, when you press it to open the actuator You can see through the rear grill doesn’t move and the exhaust has no change is this not a direct over ride button opening the valve all the time or does it just allow the flap to open when the throttles down? I thought the valve opened and shut in sport and race mode so does this button only change your exhaust in tour mode if so kind of pointless, or do I have a fault I’ve ordered a 2bular exhaust for my lf1 as the standard one is boring so should get that soon and get it fitted w
  3. I’m debating a getting a 2bular full system or just the back box for my lf1 the cost is considerably higher to do both is it worth it ? what bhp increase is there over the standard system
  4. Guys is this car fitted with the full system manifolds back or just the Backbox/exhaust ?
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