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  1. They are all available on here: Those parts are also on the sport 380
  2. I saw that yesterday when I picked up my car
  3. I've just received my confirmation email. The event runs from 10am - 3pm
  4. Just need to carry on across the whole dash now
  5. I'm going there on Friday to pick up my car, so I'll find out whilst I'm there. When I spoke to them about the event over a week ago they didn't mention times for anything
  6. Looks good. Did you use a spray contract adhesive on the plastic?
  7. Is anyone else going to the Lotus Silverstone open day this Saturday? Details here:
  8. This is my Olive Green Exige 380 Sport
  9. Davey D

    Davey D

  10. I've seen that for sale for a while and was also wondering what was going on with it being advertised as a 2019 car ?!
  11. Davey D

    Hi there!

    So I finally purchased a car yesterday. I was originally going to buy a 350 sport and fit a few mods, but when I saw what the 380 sport came with I couldn't see the point in the 350 as this has everything and more that I would have done to the 350. Its olive green which i understand is a bit of a marmite colour. When I first saw it I was a little surprised as it wasn't what I was expecting, yet I still thought it looked nice and different, as I wanted something that would stand out. I'm picking it up in 2 weeks, and can't wait. I've got a few mods for it lined up already. I'm getting the dealer to paint the whole wing mirror assembly and spoiler end winglets in matt Black as it would be with the black pack, and I've ordered the carbon side scoops and air intake kit from alias23. Just need to order harness bar and harness, and id like to fit the rear arch black stone chip guards like on the 430 cup, then it will have everything I want
  12. Davey D

    Hi there!

    Hi all, Ive been hankering after a lotus for quite a few years. At first an exige s2, then i really fancied an elise S3 s Cup when they came out, but Ive finally settled on what i really want - an Exige S3 350 sport, so I'm scouring the internet daily until the one that really ticks all the boxes come up for sale. My current bit of fun is a car i built myself. Bought the kit in 2007, finished the build and got it road registered in 2009. I've had my fun with it, and I'm now ready for a change. I was going to sell it on this year, but unsure of what the car market is like (especially with a niche car like this) with the state of the world right now Hopefully something will come along soon so I can post up some pics as a happy new owner
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