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  1. Davey D

    White exige v6

    On my way down to Felixstowe today i saw a white exige v6 on the A14 around 4pm going in the opposite direction.
  2. Davey D

    500bhp Exige

    It's a bit nippy!
  3. In your original message you make it sound like an issue with just a single fob. If you had stated both fobs have the same issue, then I wouldn't have made the suggestion of inspecting the insides of the fob
  4. I'd try opening up the key to have a look at the circuit board. Check if there is any gunk / damage on the circuit board, or button membrane which stops it from making contact when you press the button. If the other button works fine, then I cant see it being anything major
  5. Wow nice! You've got to be pleased with that!
  6. Looks good Makes me wonder why I was so worried about fitting my Alias23 430 style carbon scoops having to use a 50mm holesaw on the bodywork
  7. You cant just leave us hanging like that!.. you need to show us what it looks like with the vent put in place in the hole
  8. just been out for a blast in my olive green exige. Saw an Italian flag green exige v6 followed by a blue elise mk1 going past Willingham woods near Market Rasen. Was it anyone on here?
  9. Surely the soundtrack of the engine/exhaust is good enough to never need to listen to the radio?
  10. Looking at it- all the pictures you have posted are of the 380cup, mine is the 380sport. That will be where the difference is
  11. My 380 sport doesn't have stripes like that. Mine are straight and are on the front access panel, and the roof
  12. My 380 sport has mud guard on the front arch, and little guards on the upper rear of my rear arch. Yes I would definitely say they save side of the dirt/ stones from hitting the side of the car
  13. Looks very nice with the matching fabric, and stitching to match the original
  14. On a related note - do most people keep the 3point belts fitted whilst the harnesses are installed? I have fitted mine like this for the time being as I was unsure of what happens with the seatbelt sensor. In reality now the harness is fitted I'm not going to use the 3point at all, so would like to do away with it. The plan would be to unbolt the belt from the seat and the shoulder swivel, and let it reel all the way in.Then just leave it hidden under the plastic trim so the sensor / impact tensioner are still plugged in causing no issues
  15. Yeah i was actually looking at some of those. Handy so i can open my bottle of beer, and then drink it whilst I'm driving without my seatbelt for the cost they are a nice quick fix. just need to find someone selling them that isn't in china with several month delivery time
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