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  1. I love to see black cars when they are all polished up looking super shiny, but I'm always put off buying one myself with the thought of trying to keep the black looking polished and super shiny
  2. I'm looking to get some carbon cam covers for my 380 sport, but wondering if I also need the bracket kit? On the cam cover nearest the cabin there are 2 little bosses with a ball on top like I've seen on other cam covers that a rubber boss pushes on to from the cam cover. I've attached a photo of both tops so you can see what I have/haven't got
  3. I managed to fit mine easily from the top without having to take the wheel or arch liner off, as there wasn't any cabling going through the bracket under the airbox
  4. I've had one of the latest ones (with the air straightener and ramair filter) fitted to my 380 sport for just over a month now. I've given it a good thrashing on the road, and it's been faultless. There is a definite increase in throttle response, and the whine from the supercharger sounds great
  5. I personally hate the design of the Exige S/350 wheels, but I really like the red colour. On the other hand I love the design of those komotec wheels, but I don't like the silver colour with a white car
  6. I have my car parked up the garage, and the optimate charger is hanging from one of the rafters on an elastic bungee. I then pass the wire through one of the slats in my boot lid, and into the boot like this:
  7. Agreed - That cup looks awesome with the red wheels and matching wing mirrors/wing stays
  8. Looks good! Got any pics of the full car?
  9. What colour would you go with? Fire red to match the body colour, or gloss red to stand out a little? I quite like the contrast red on mine as it ties in with the red brake calipers, and tow eye, but then I also think matching colour looks great too like the Cup430:
  10. My car was originally supplied by lotus Silverstone, and then I bought it from them as "sale or return" on behalf of the original owner. They told me that the original owner had an exige on order, but then saw an olive green car somewhere, and then changed his order. It was registered March 2018. When was the last 380 models sold?
  11. I only bought the car earlier this year, but it I believe it was exactly how it came from factory?! I thought the 380 sport came with these straight stripes, and the 380 cup came with the longer curved stripes, but doing another quick google search there was a few 380 sport with the straight style, and others with the longer curved style. The 380 cup I found with stripes only had the longer curved stripes
  12. Is it tempting you to get more during your rebuild? Having the wide carbon cup side scoops really makes a big difference too
  13. Did you buy the car from a main dealer? If so they really should have supplied the car with a charger/ optimiser, as the recommended max time to leave without driving/ charging is 10 days. I would say percentage wise there are very few people that drive the car enough all year round to get away without needing a charger. My exige has a lithium battery and if I know it won't be driven in more than 2 weeks I plug it in to the charger
  14. The stripes on the roof are: 5mm at the front, 2mm at the back. The widest point is 13mm which is approx 250mm from the front. The taper from the front to the widest point is shorter than the taper from the widest point to the back
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