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  1. I keep pondering on going the other way. The exhaust and supercharger sound so good, that I always have the radio turned off. The odd time I do turn it on the sound quality is so rubbish, and the controls on the factory Clarion head unit so so damned awful I just turn it off again 😅
  2. Yeah, as noted - The canards on my 380 don't perfectly hug the bumper 100% perfect all the way around
  3. It was due to wind turbulence. After 150mph without the hardtop, and spoilers that the coupe has the car would supposedly become unstable. Can't see too many people doing 150mph that often though, so need to worry about that 😆
  4. There is no difference in the body/shell/chassis for a model that is sold a coupe vs roadster. The roof does nothing for the structure on these, so it makes no difference if you use a soft top, a hard top, or nothing at all. The only differences is the mounting which fitting a softtop to a "coupe" requires a couple of holes drilling for the middle supports. As said, it isn't a conversion, its an option
  5. Continuing from my earlier post about a carbon rear diffuser, and tow strap. I bought the one from Matt, and got it fitted last week. Think it looks great!
  6. Just as a note, the batteries aren't Li-ion, they are LiFePo4 batteries, which are slightly different
  7. Don't do it!... If you want to go out posing/attention whore buy a Lambo... Lotus are for driving, not for posing 🙄😖
  8. I seriously considered leaving off the black vinyl when i fitted mine ( its the part a struggled with most 🤣) the bit on the passenger side had to be adjusted a couple of times, and seems to have lost a little stick on the front edge. I was going to cut a new piece, but after seeing yours without I may just remove it from both sides. looking at the pictures of the final editions they dont look to have the vinyl in the bottom anyway
  9. Using my phone to view these forums, when I first saw that interior pic I thought it had an anodised purple shifter... until I zoomed in 😁
  10. It's a solid colour, yet still manages to look a different shade of green depending on the lighting. When I first went to look at this car I thought it was going to be metallic, so was surprised when u saw it wasn't. It wasn't what I was expecting, but still liked it so made the purchase Definitely interested. Got any more details? 😉
  11. yeah I really fancy one, but I would also want the cup bootlid as well thought 🤔😅 Did you keep your originals, or sell them on to recoup some costs? I'm just sat in the waiting area at lotus Silverstone at the mo, having is first MOT. Been getting a price for the carbon rear diffuser surround, and cup style rear towing loop😎
  12. Absolutely loving it 😃 enjoying every moment of ownership, from driving it, to just admiring it parked up in the sunshine. Can't wait to get out for some drives with other owners
  13. First wash and clean of the year. Always looks so good afterwards 😍
  14. Where did you get the oil filter cap from? I've been trying to find one for the Exige v6, but had no luck
  15. How is that panel held in place? looking at the back of the panel looks to be screwed?
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