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  1. I think you need to fit a 3mm spacer to prevent rubbing on the inside?
  2. You can buy them from lotus. They are really cheap. When I bought my car the brackets were flaking paint, and rusting quite bad. ( not good really on a 2 year old car) I ended up stripping all paint and rust, then paint with zinc primer, and then black top coat. If I had seen how cheap they were before sorting mine I maybe wouldnt have bothered
  3. It won't really be possible to fix that. Aluminium is very difficult to remedy when things like that happen. The aluminium will have a texture that is part of the manufacture process I.e ( rolled out extruded.) It is then anodized to give a hard wearing finish. If you try buffing/ brushing/sanding/ polishing the section will end up standing out even more and look more noticeable. If you end up removing more of the anodising then the raw aluminium underneath will oxidise and stand out looking different
  4. Ive been looking through the Komotec website, and came across these: Has anyone fitted them to their car / got any feedback on the quality/fitting. It says they can be fitted without having to to any paint touchups ( as long as you are careful)
  5. I just thought that satin finish might look odd against all the gloss carbon on my car, but I can see where you are coming from re. the reflection on the windscreen. How do I choose the finish, do I have to email them? Is there anywhere in the UK that sells them?
  6. Is there an option for gloss, and satin? Id prefer gloss, but don't see any options to choose either way, and it doesn't say in the description
  7. Id like to buy a carbon speedo binnacle for my exige, but not sure which one to get? Are some a full replacement, and other just a cover to go over the original plastic? I want one that is good quality, but don't really want to pay the price of the one from lotus. Which one would people recommend?
  8. Was good to meet you all, and put some names to faces 😁 We got absolutely frazzled driving around in that hot sun with no roof on 😵🥵
  9. As above, ned to check your values. when you are talking about 0.01 Miliamps = 0.000001amps which for all purposes is 0
  10. Is the catch cab on the cup R a dual setup? I thought it just had a single catch can that fits the left bank that feeds in just before the throttle body
  11. Does this kit come with a new supercharger? as the photos of the kit shows one, but the description talks about an optimised standard supercharger?!? do they just modify your existing unit?
  12. I was parked up yesterday in Cleethorpes, and saw a red Elise S cup drive by. Was it anyone from here? 👋😎
  13. In the manual it states if you have a lithium battery leaving it locked with alarm it will go flat it around 2 weeks. If leaving it longer just lock it with the key
  14. Depending on how much weight you want to save vs how much you want to spend, you could airways get an AGM battery. I started a thread a while ago when I thought my lithium battery had died. The final post covers the weight difference
  15. This is the factory fit battery in mine. You can download the spec sheet on there to compare:
  16. I keep pondering on going the other way. The exhaust and supercharger sound so good, that I always have the radio turned off. The odd time I do turn it on the sound quality is so rubbish, and the controls on the factory Clarion head unit so so damned awful I just turn it off again 😅
  17. Yeah, as noted - The canards on my 380 don't perfectly hug the bumper 100% perfect all the way around
  18. It was due to wind turbulence. After 150mph without the hardtop, and spoilers that the coupe has the car would supposedly become unstable. Can't see too many people doing 150mph that often though, so need to worry about that 😆
  19. There is no difference in the body/shell/chassis for a model that is sold a coupe vs roadster. The roof does nothing for the structure on these, so it makes no difference if you use a soft top, a hard top, or nothing at all. The only differences is the mounting which fitting a softtop to a "coupe" requires a couple of holes drilling for the middle supports. As said, it isn't a conversion, its an option
  20. Continuing from my earlier post about a carbon rear diffuser, and tow strap. I bought the one from Matt, and got it fitted last week. Think it looks great!
  21. Just as a note, the batteries aren't Li-ion, they are LiFePo4 batteries, which are slightly different
  22. Don't do it!... If you want to go out posing/attention whore buy a Lambo... Lotus are for driving, not for posing 🙄😖
  23. I seriously considered leaving off the black vinyl when i fitted mine ( its the part a struggled with most 🤣) the bit on the passenger side had to be adjusted a couple of times, and seems to have lost a little stick on the front edge. I was going to cut a new piece, but after seeing yours without I may just remove it from both sides. looking at the pictures of the final editions they dont look to have the vinyl in the bottom anyway
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