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  1. Chris hi can you confirm the address / post please thanks 😁
  2. Hi, its working today and I'm getting the emails to this thread but definitely missed the last couple off meet invites, hopefully its sorted its self out. Do you have a date for the next meeting so I can put it in the diary
  3. Sorry I missed this, I seem to have dropped of the email notification, I'll try and keep a better look out.
  4. No delivery date in June yet I put my deposit down 7am on the 7th July
  5. Me too, now just need to know when in June. Magma Red, Touring, black alloys and red brakes, tan leather, black leather steering wheel with red insert.
  6. I've also just had my call from Lotus this afternoon confirming a June delivery date , as noted above, details of finance, delivery and trade in will be confirmed in January along with hopefully test driving slots with dealers but she did say May which seems a bit late. I put my order in the 7th July for the V6 (my spec below)
  7. If Lotus can afford, big stands at Goodwood and Jenson Button etc, its a pity to hear that the roadshows are bit disappointing, but I was very impressed at Goodwood, so I'm surprised how underwhelming the first reports are. having had Porsches for 10 years it shouldn't be to hard for Lotus to show the bigger brands they can do it well. For Lotus to grow their market they need to impress a lot of new customers the foundations are built on the Emira, lets hope that they are listening and once orders are confirmed, we get the offer of proper test drives, factory tours etc, it can't be to hard they have a full size test track.
  8. Ahhh brilliant that's really helpful it brought it into much better context, I'm happier with that, I'm guessing on a sunny day it will look even better. Thanks
  9. The colours are very different from the configurator (I'm not surprised but disappointed) see below the difference is huge. I've gone with the magma red for now, at least we can change our options for a few weeks yet. I've got a few weeks before the roadshow hits essex.
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