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  1. Looks absolutely epic, great colour especially with black trim. Sounds like what would be my perfect spec! If you don't mind me asking, what did the car go for? I am trying to set my expectations as to what an early Sports Racer goes for and this would be an ideal "Data Point". I can appreciate you might not wish to share and that's OK.
  2. I've driven a GT430 on Cup 2's and a GT410 that was either on PS4S's or Pirelli's of some kind. Unfortunately I can't properly compare them but what I do remember firmly about the Cup 2's is that when the weather was 2-3 degrees C and the roads lightly wet, I was being thoroughly embarrassed by a Golf GTD from 0 to 60mph. There was so little grip it was a massive slip 'n slide fest. Even more scary considering it wasn't my car. It's worth checking out the Tyrereviews videos on Youtube if you want to see proper testing. If memory serves me right, the performance in summer between Cup 2 and
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