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  1. What did you do to get the brake pedal information ? I don't have any info on obd
  2. Hmm kill switch and fire extinguisher arent supposed to be Cup only ?
  3. Maybe heat cracks would be better with Pagid
  4. So i have changed my OEM pads for PFC08 on OEM 2pcs disks After 1.5 TD i already have crackles around the holes ... The braking power is really better than OEM pads but the heat is crazy, after a session even the wheels are really hot and i struggle to remove wheels caps to do the pressure because they are too hot I don't know if i will put PFC again, plus even if the brake power is better i did not improved my times And now there is so much power than sometimes the car is not really stable while braking, it s "shaking"
  5. So the car is running with OEM ride height ? I would like to change mine too but with OEM suspensions and splitter i m already touching some bumps
  6. How is it to drive on road with this MEGA splitter ? 😅
  7. I like my Exige because it has no power steering ! So the road feeling is crazy I never felt the need to have one especially on track
  8. What is the issue with the front panel ? Only the V weave ? Do you have any fitting issues ? Like being too high above the clam?
  9. Exx

    Nissan GTR

    The only answer is : try them both, even if it can be hard to try an Exige, you can find someone here to get you in as a passenger Otherwise you do not have possibility of rent one on track or road for one hour ?
  10. Auxiliary belt, 2.5 h/labour
  11. PFC 08 are road legals ? I have heard that OEM discs would have crackles with them, even for 2pces ?
  12. That’s why i do not want to put them, everyone get that quickly with PFC pads ...
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