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  1. That’s why i do not want to put them, everyone get that quickly with PFC pads ...
  2. But KT do not do just a remap for their 460 kit, airbox, manifolds, smaller pulley etc ...
  3. Yes i do that’s a good thing to know. This switch comes with any electrical extinguisher not only the OEM one ?
  4. If i choose to add the external parts, can someone open the cover when the car is parked engine OFF and activate the extinguisher and battery cut ?
  5. New Komotec Track Quiet exhaust is available (it was already seen on their EX530 project) :
  6. With the sector111/inokinetic kit you have spacers in order to make the brake pedals ... upper This can help to accidentally press the throttle while braking
  7. Look like the same than ex sector 111 ones :
  8. On the crude side ?
  9. Yes i know which parts are changed but i always though (and read) that there are some issues to tune the 410/430 ECU. Also why do they limit to 475 when they do 490 on the 350 kit with the same parts and compressor ?
  10. Does someone know how komotec tune the engine to 475 with their EX475 kit ? They have finally found a way to crack the ECU ?
  11. Yes i know that link 😅 i would like to know feelings of those who have done it, i ve already seen people here who seemed enthusiasts about it
  12. So is the 410 20th wing's in carbon and painted or GRP ?
  13. Very nice. MS Green with silver wheels is the best combo available and i love the look of those ones
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