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  1. Did you damage the OEM pedals when you removed them ?
  2. I have ordered a 300/500° Bosch heat gun Yes you mean a standard pipe plier like this ? I habe DBW pedals to mount
  3. Any tips for that part ? Why did u need a set and not only one ?
  4. What did you do to get the brake pedal information ? I don't have any info on obd
  5. Hmm kill switch and fire extinguisher arent supposed to be Cup only ?
  6. Maybe heat cracks would be better with Pagid
  7. So i have changed my OEM pads for PFC08 on OEM 2pcs disks After 1.5 TD i already have crackles around the holes ... The braking power is really better than OEM pads but the heat is crazy, after a session even the wheels are really hot and i struggle to remove wheels caps to do the pressure because they are too hot I don't know if i will put PFC again, plus even if the brake power is better i did not improved my times And now there is so much power than sometimes the car is not really stable while braking, it s "shaking"
  8. So the car is running with OEM ride height ? I would like to change mine too but with OEM suspensions and splitter i m already touching some bumps
  9. How is it to drive on road with this MEGA splitter ? 😅
  10. I like my Exige because it has no power steering ! So the road feeling is crazy I never felt the need to have one especially on track
  11. What is the issue with the front panel ? Only the V weave ? Do you have any fitting issues ? Like being too high above the clam?
  12. Exx

    Nissan GTR

    The only answer is : try them both, even if it can be hard to try an Exige, you can find someone here to get you in as a passenger Otherwise you do not have possibility of rent one on track or road for one hour ?
  13. Auxiliary belt, 2.5 h/labour
  14. PFC 08 are road legals ? I have heard that OEM discs would have crackles with them, even for 2pces ?
  15. That’s why i do not want to put them, everyone get that quickly with PFC pads ...
  16. But KT do not do just a remap for their 460 kit, airbox, manifolds, smaller pulley etc ...
  17. Yes i do that’s a good thing to know. This switch comes with any electrical extinguisher not only the OEM one ?
  18. If i choose to add the external parts, can someone open the cover when the car is parked engine OFF and activate the extinguisher and battery cut ?
  19. New Komotec Track Quiet exhaust is available (it was already seen on their EX530 project) :
  20. With the sector111/inokinetic kit you have spacers in order to make the brake pedals ... upper This can help to accidentally press the throttle while braking
  21. Look like the same than ex sector 111 ones :
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