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  1. Hey I am running stock suspensions at the moment The problem is it is already a pain to park the car in my cellar, i am using ramps and the front splitter is really close to the ground in the worst part of the slope If one day i plan to change for Nitrons or Ohlins, what about riding height ? How many cm will i have to lower the car to have them fully efficient ?
  2. Komotec Forged on my 350 I like them very much, do you ? They are supposed to weight 28kg vs 40kg for OEM Don't ask me if i can feel it i bought them at the same time than the car
  3. Does Lotus give car's weights dry or will fluids+full tank ? For exemple 1125kg for the Sport 350 is dry or not ? And it s w/o aircon, nvh and floor mats and with forged wheels and 2pc brakes ? Do you know the weight added by nvh ? I know a/c is about 7kg
  4. Hey, What do you think about those ones ? They seem to be very light : -12kg compared to OEM I like the design, very similar to the Elise 220 Cup Forged ones I'm planning to buy them in silver for a Sport 350 in old english white
  5. So yesterday i got an email from Lotus telling me that they are looking into the information and will reply me later I had also a call from the broker (the private owner is not selling me directly the car) .. he has some news, i did not understand everything but it seems than : Dealer has not done the perf data in the right way so possibility the mileage of the ECU dump is not right Lotus told him they want to see themselves the vehicle in order to check for real mileage and will then provide an official certificat of it (so as i don t think there is a french Lotus entity .. i d
  6. Lot of news today i will explain tomorrow, but Lotus has taken their responsabilities, i m too tired right now and i m just coming back from a looong trip to book a Sport 350 with a very few miles. My pockets are now so much lighter ... that s the bad point
  7. Well, when the dealer told you that Lotus had financial issues and put used ECU in their new car .. it should matter for them
  8. Of course i did, as i said i replied 5mn after on monday morning and no news so far, i wrote another email this morning to explain it was the last day for me to clarify
  9. I gave up No answer or help from Lotus excepted an useless one They don't care at all about their official dealers in France, that's a shame in my opinion, they have never tried to get in touch with him to clarify the situation
  10. Car is ok for the price but i don t want to buy a 70K miles car .. 50K is already high And imagine i sell the car then the new buyer do an ECU check and put me on a trial ?!
  11. Last day for me before i decide to cancel or nor the deal, any help would be highly appreciated No answer so far from Bibs or Lotus
  12. Is the ECU shared with other cars or specific to Exige S3 ?
  13. Thank you, i hope you will get more info than what they answered
  14. Well, i would like to have that issue sorted because the car is good and i have every thing ready on my table to get the car And it is a good offer, not so much Exige with high mileage and good price (my pockets are not so deep) But you are right, if Lotus can't give a solution, i will have to give up Heartbreaking !
  15. Yes 6500 tour, 7200 sport/race and 6800 for the 380
  16. Elise S3 220=6800 And 250 i m not sure if it is 7000 or 7200 So IP is stock for the dealer, anyway if it has been replaced, that would means that the car as more mileage than IP so ECU is right .. so that would not be on the right way
  17. What is the IP ? As far as i know dealer did not change anything Rev limiter is 7200 and data shows 7500 If you can check that could be nice yes
  18. Yes of course i did I also sent an email to Lotus, they answered me but not really any help so far
  19. About the 5 max rev recorded, there are all above 7400rpm .. would it be a concern ? Standing starts = 11 Komotec told me that standing start means full throttle from 0 to 100mph For him the max rev records and those standing starts do not look good
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