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  1. Yes i do that’s a good thing to know. This switch comes with any electrical extinguisher not only the OEM one ?
  2. If i choose to add the external parts, can someone open the cover when the car is parked engine OFF and activate the extinguisher and battery cut ?
  3. New Komotec Track Quiet exhaust is available (it was already seen on their EX530 project) :
  4. With the sector111/inokinetic kit you have spacers in order to make the brake pedals ... upper This can help to accidentally press the throttle while braking
  5. Look like the same than ex sector 111 ones :
  6. Yes i know which parts are changed but i always though (and read) that there are some issues to tune the 410/430 ECU. Also why do they limit to 475 when they do 490 on the 350 kit with the same parts and compressor ?
  7. Does someone know how komotec tune the engine to 475 with their EX475 kit ? They have finally found a way to crack the ECU ?
  8. Yes i know that link 😅 i would like to know feelings of those who have done it, i ve already seen people here who seemed enthusiasts about it
  9. Very nice. MS Green with silver wheels is the best combo available and i love the look of those ones
  10. Ok so i have just receveid the V harness bar from SeriouslyLotus and the spacers' kit (i want to keep OEM belts) So i need help about how to mount everything please ?
  11. Hi, Do you know the labour cost/hours of work to change the ratio ? What about the gain ? Does someone know if there is really a gain in performance ?
  12. Yes i already swapped my rear Corsa to PS4 and it s really better The problem is i wanted to change the 4 tires together when fronts will be dead and as i mainly use the Exige on track i would like to have more track focused tires. But Trofeo is not really an option as they are totally crap on wet and i do sometimes track on wet/rainies days
  13. Yes only 205 on the CoC We have also a tolerance here, that means i can use 225 or 235/40/17 .. but no tires in that size Also the other problem is i have to keep tires with Y speed .. 205/45/17 with Y you have no semi slick other than the Trofeo R ... R888R or ADVAN 052 are W for exemple That means i have to choose between PS4 and Trofeo R to replace my OEM Corsa ... And it seems that there are also some BMW Pilot Super Sport available
  14. Yes but the problem is in France you have to respect the original size otherwise your insurance can be canceled in case of crash
  15. Hi, I sometimes read that Sport 350 could be factory ordered with Cup2 215/45/17 ? Is that true ? Some says that when you order forged wheels you have that kind of tyres from factory ? Otherwise it seems that only 380, 410 and 430 have been approved with Cup2 and so 215/45 mount no ?
  16. Bought seriously lotus V bar and spacers kit, something i need to know about the mounting, use of spacers and torque ? Thanks
  17. Hi, I'm looking for a well priced Dust cover if you have any tips No way i m spending 300/400€ in an "official" Lotus cover for use only inside
  18. I saw some very bad comments about Eltech shipping time and answering
  19. So the Komotec is not OEM then 2300€ for a non OEM sounds expensive no ?
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