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  1. Thanks. So what was the price for the whole package ? I still don t understand that story of V shape vs diag 🤣
  2. Thanks I can t see the point between diagonale and v-shape ?! About komotec i m not sur if it is an OEM one as they say "cup style"
  3. Thank you that would be lovely even if i won t buy it right now that would be nice to know about the price. About the mesh can you use the oem one ? Also is it the original 380/430 Cup one and does it fit without rework ?
  4. Hey guys. Can i ask you what would be the best source to order a carbon front panel ? Deroure is selling it at 1700£ but i don t know if it s the original part nor if is vat included I m a bit lost with all the versions available, komotec, elise shop, eltech etc etc I just want one fiting without rework at a good price
  5. Woots 1500€ for the carbon lotus front panel was a special price ? Because adaptable ones are more expansive and seems to not fit perfectly
  6. Nop, stock ones and no spacers Woot : you car is really perfect with the carbon front splitter and front panel and those colors .. i would not change anything .. maybe a rear carbon wing but i m not even sur about that .. in fact i'm jealous about it
  7. How it looked before : And how it is right now (note that you are totally entitled to say you think it looked better before ) :
  8. Hey Woots, my last post was not for you, i realise you could take it personally, your front claim change was a nice thing as it was dead, i like it
  9. The fact is i was not really happy with the wheels mixing red for the painting and yellow for calipers and central caps Also i'm not a big fan of trying to make your car looks like another more expensive/special model ... you have to be proud of the one you bought otherwise you have to wait for deeper pockets in order to buy the one you REALLY want. That's funny because the first owner who did that to my car sold it after 8000 miles and traded it for a real Cup with all the stuff and wheels in red Also imho the Exige V6 looks so nice and "racing" OEM than silver wheels are the perfect racing matching ones but i'm not a big fan of standard wheels or even forged in silver so i had to pick the komo Woots : i will post pictures of it ASAP
  10. I have a white (old english) 350 Sport too. When i bought it, wheels were red ala Cup ... with red wrap all around. I asked the dealer to remove wrap and to swap wheels with komotec forged in ... silver 🤣
  11. So a V6S/350 without clutch issue should not have any trouble with engaging reverse ?
  12. The "quiet" is delivered with 350mm add-ons but i don't know which kind of dB it gives without them
  13. So you only had some issues in reverse like me but clutch needed to be change ? Otherwise it was close to do not work at all ? I asked komotec about my issue and they answered that : yes, the first point is more or less a standard a few cars a bit more a few cars a bit less. It is, because of the teeth of the reverse. So a few have to put the clutch sometimes to get in first other to get in reverse. So this is nothing new.
  14. I know this link but there is nothing about EDL and DPM OFF, i (re)checked it before asking
  15. Yep ABS always ON So if EDL is OFF with DPM OFF that would explain why laptime are better in Race mode, that s not because of the helps that s because there is no diff
  16. Hi, I have a Sport 350 with radio I would like to replace the radio with the radio's cover and switchs from Cup I found the "interior" parts : If i'm correct i would need only those parts : 1b, 2b (fire/battery switch) 11 x2 (collars) 8 (Panel cover) 9a (mouting radio blank w/ 2 switch) Do i also need 10a ?! I found the electrical extinguisher part : But i don't know if it comes with wires and plumbing ? Also i can't find the parts to connect to the battery switch .. because i wonder it s not just a 2 points but a good FIA 6 points .. is it ?! Thank you Do you also know if i can buy another electrical extinguisher because this one is really expensive ?
  17. Sport 350, 10K miles, everything OEM : just below 5K with valve closed 93dB .. just above with valve open 98dB
  18. So you mean that my clutch need to be changed ? My car is under warranty i would need to send it back to Komotec then, but it s far away from home
  19. What do you mean by dragging clutch ? I did some tests and really most of the time reverse is quite hard to engage, and sometimes simply impossible without going back to neutral and release/press clutch again .. and it happens only with reverse What i noticed also is when i put reverse then went back to neutral without releasing clutch i could reengage reverse in a very smooth way Do you have in general hard time to engage reverse with your V6 ? I mean you need to push firmly lever and feel it is not engaging in a smooth way like other gears
  20. Hi I have a 350 sport 2016 with 15000km (approx 10000 miles) Quite often i can t engage reverse at the first try and i need to go back to neutral, press clutch pedal again and push firmly the lever to engage reverse. It happens when i stop the car after having a drive then put reverse gear in order to park If i start the engine cold i have no issues with pulling the reverse gear directly Otherwise the gearbox and clutch are perfect
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