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  1. Yes this is this picture and i remember this is not KT who did that to the y pipes as i said
  2. Please post the picture you are refering with
  3. Ahhh i know which picture you are talking about and I think you are wrong and this have already been discussed here. This installation has not been made by Komo-Tec and they never have to hammer it in order to install it
  4. What is the issue with KT exhaust ?
  5. So finally it was 1.5l on the maintenance sheet
  6. Something happened to your engine matt ?
  7. In Race mode ESP is still ON but permissive
  8. I m not sur it can fit on a 350 because we have a bigger light
  9. Is the komotec wing come with clam reinforcement like 430 Cup ?
  10. That’s not true I have Jason front panel and it s the same weight than OEM GRP elements They are actually making a new one with OEM mould, i think it will be even lighter Edit : OEM elements 4,7kg Jason carbon front panel 4,5kg
  11. Motorsport-derived variable traction control linked directly to the ECU helps maximise traction on corner exit by managing the giant surge of torque. It's controlled via a six-position rotary switch located on the steering column. Only active with the ESP stability control switched off, the five pre-set traction levels are displayed on the instrument cluster. I do not have a Cup but it should be : the lowest is the number, the more TC you have and in the sixth and last position no TC at all
  12. The knob is only for TC I think you maybe missunderstand esp and tc because i can t see why tc would destabilize the car when trail braking
  13. Got this answer : The ducts are the plastic parts that you need for the airflow. You need two of them (35€/each)
  14. I asked komotec to do the swap and they told me i need diffusor, grill and ducts .. what would be that duct ?
  15. Where did you buy the boot lid and wing from ?
  16. What is the purpose if the wing is directly mounted on the boot lid ?
  17. Dz03g are not homologated no ? And super expensive
  18. Cup 2 connect 215 -1 camber i had little rubbing on mountain downhill 180° turns
  19. I have Cup 2 295/30 and i needed spacer, forged komotec wheels
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