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  1. Yes another Nitron thread !

    Any advice on the 1 way with SL valving ?

    Use 60/40 track/road 

    I know 2/3 ways are better but price is close to 2x 

    I would like to have a good for all setting ie when i do trackday i don t have trailer and i don t bring a trolley jack in the Exige :D

    So i won t play with the settings during the TD although i like to chase chrono

    -2.0 front camber will be possible without hub mod ?

  2. So i have changed my OEM pads for PFC08 on OEM 2pcs disks

    After 1.5 TD i already have crackles around the holes ...

    The braking power is really better than OEM pads but the heat is crazy, after a session even the wheels are really hot and i struggle to remove wheels caps to do the pressure because they are too hot

    I don't know if i will put PFC again, plus even if the brake power is better i did not improved my times :D And now there is so much power than sometimes the car is not really stable while braking, it s "shaking"

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