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  1. SJ Sportcars where pretty quick to deliver the "new" rear calipers and the parts needed, so it only took a couple of hours to replace and bleed the brakes.
  2. Last Friday I took the ferry from Helsingor (Where Hamlet used to rule) to Sweden, a 20 min. boat trip, and there I met the Lotus and it´s former owner for the first time. I must say, the seller had not tried to over-sell it, it was allmost like new, what a treat... We took it for a drive around Helsingborg City, and the seller told me all about the car and how he got it and his ownership for the last nine years. We said goodbye, and I drove the car on board the ferry back to Denmark only a short drive from the harbor to my garage, but what a first or second impression. Thi
  3. A bit more about this Esprit... The first owner was the manufacture of the famous Kamaljunga stroller, he ordered the car at Lotus, later same year he and some fellow car-guys took a trip to the Lotus factory, and there he was pressented to his car. Later, he handed over the car to his daughter, who was told to keep it tip-top shape and never drive it on wet roads? She kept that promise to her father all along. In 2012, the cars had driven 49.000 km and was sold to a gentleman, he kept it in same good condition, only driving it in the summer, until this spring in 2020, where I f
  4. Hello there... Looked for sometimes now for a Lotus Esprit, I finally found a very nice 1987 Esprit Turbo HCI, a two familly car, with only 33.000 miles on the clock, never been driven in the winther.
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