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  1. SJ Sportcars where pretty quick to deliver the "new" rear calipers and the parts needed, so it only took a couple of hours to replace and bleed the brakes.
  2. Last Friday I took the ferry from Helsingor (Where Hamlet used to rule) to Sweden, a 20 min. boat trip, and there I met the Lotus and it´s former owner for the first time. I must say, the seller had not tried to over-sell it, it was allmost like new, what a treat... We took it for a drive around Helsingborg City, and the seller told me all about the car and how he got it and his ownership for the last nine years. We said goodbye, and I drove the car on board the ferry back to Denmark only a short drive from the harbor to my garage, but what a first or second impression. This monday I took for car for the MOT and Import registration, where it passed with flying colors, only one thing was mentioned, the rear discs where uneven due to heat, that had to be sorted out. The seller had mentioned that they where shaking during braking... I took the rear brake system appart, and quickly found out that the rear calipers wasn´t retracting proberbly, causing the disc to overheat... My first order at SJ Sportcars where made, and the old calipers where send of for core replacement so I just have to wait for the parts to arrive. The roadtax has been applied for, hopefully the Danish Tax Agency will be quick?
  3. A bit more about this Esprit... The first owner was the manufacture of the famous Kamaljunga stroller, he ordered the car at Lotus, later same year he and some fellow car-guys took a trip to the Lotus factory, and there he was pressented to his car. Later, he handed over the car to his daughter, who was told to keep it tip-top shape and never drive it on wet roads? She kept that promise to her father all along. In 2012, the cars had driven 49.000 km and was sold to a gentleman, he kept it in same good condition, only driving it in the summer, until this spring in 2020, where I found his add. I was 19 years old, when I first layd eyes on a Esprit, working in a store, this car came roaring into the parking lot, light blue, low and from another world, at least in this small town where I grew up! I had gladly forgoten all about it, until a year ago, when i drove behind a white one, in the city of Copenhagen? But, it was "Harry´s Garage" that set me up for real, when he was pressenting his white HC, that was it, I started looking for one. I soon found out that a S1, S2, S2.2 and S3 was hard to find, in good shape and in a LHD, nearly impossible, during my search I found out which model to look after, and it narrowed the field and got it much harder to find one. Looking, reading, searching, asking etc. several hours had been spend, like always it´s very time consuming to learn about a specific model, and I was starting to look at RHD as well. Then one morning, there it was, located 150 km from my home, in Sweden, I contacted the seller, and several mails and phone calls we aggreed up on a deal, and the car was mine, a Black Lotus Esprit Turbo HCI with Red/Black interiore and a Clarion cassette player as ordered back in 1987. This week, I will see it, for the first time in real live... I can´t wait Hej Kim Tak for det...
  4. Hello there... Looked for sometimes now for a Lotus Esprit, I finally found a very nice 1987 Esprit Turbo HCI, a two familly car, with only 33.000 miles on the clock, never been driven in the winther.
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