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  1. I read somewhere that 380 don't have charger cooler. Only newest 410. It is real problem of cooling charger in older models?
  2. Yes, it seems like good point. But anyway still biggest challenge for me, is to know what is important to check in case of buying second hand Exige? I know what are common problems in other marks (BMW,AUDI etc...) but in Lotus I'm totally newbie... 🙂
  3. Hi all I'm so excited about Lotus Exige cars. Almost 6 months I studying everything about it. I want to buy second hand Exige 380 Sport or Exige 380 Sport GP limited edition both are made in 2018. I dont have budget for 410 Sport. Can you guys give me some advice's what I should check when I will buy second hand Exige 380 car? What are often problems? Can be most of problems detected by computer in ECU? Thank you very much for your advice Slavo
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