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    john granger
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    LOTUS EXIGE 420 final edition
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  1. Had alacantra white 410, discounted racing green,plum and essex and burnt orange for various reasons went for nightfall blue with yellow calipers and stitching etc,its not stand out till the sun comes out,Then a presto see why i chose it
  2. small chance prefer i4, believe me there isnt ,old adage get what you pay for never beeen more true and 1/2 million pound performance for 100k fully kitted 420 ,absolute bargain exige all day long
  3. Lol keep the emira ,less perfomance ,less price,poor mans final edition exige ,just a fact
  4. Any one ordering Final Edition,Just last year had 410,Now comes out Final one 

    So Suppose gotta have one ,ordered final edition 420 in nightfall blue with yellow calipers,stitiching ,etc putting my soft top on it finishes week 20 so should have begging of June anyone  else having one or waiting for electric version?

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