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  1. Thanks guys. I am no FB but not on any Lotus group apart from a Lotus Esprit generic one? As an aside, I just watched this video and spotted a very young looking Mike with his GT1 rep! 🤣🤣 Testing next week at Snetterton so need to unload the car from the van and put the Lancia back in... at least I know it fits!
  2. Hi all, I have just joined the “owning a Lotus” club by purchasing Mike Sekinger’s slightly bent MY02. The project was advertised on facebook with a recent price drop making it too good to refuse. I got up early on Friday, drove to Germany, meeting Mike and his wonderful family, squeezed a 186cms car in to a 186cms door (no angle grinder required) and then came back home. There were always two cars I loved growing up, a Lancia Delta and a Lotus Esprit. In 2016 I bought a bent yellow banana of a hatchback from a reputable dealer filled with hopes and dreams! John and I spent about 2 years
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