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  1. Hi dr-jayhart - I'm in Carmarthenshire, approx 15 miles west of Swansea.
  2. Hi everyone - does anyone know of a intake kit that'll fit a Exige 410 - I'm keen to hear more supercharger music whilst benefitting from a few extra ponies? I've tried Komotec but they'll only sell their carbon airbox as part of the EX475 package and I dont want to go this route until the cars out of warranty. Cheers 🙂
  3. Hi everyone - count me in please - it would be great to have some sort of meet up 🙂
  4. Hi Nathan - sorry for the delayed response - just spotted your post! Yes - it was me out and about on a sunny Sunday afternoon :-). I'm lucky that those great roads are on my any chance I get (as long as it's dry!!) I'm out having fun!! Good to 'see' you!
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