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  1. Undertray cleanup whilst there. and protected with some ACF50. Thanks to @MrP_ for applying Gtecniq to the underside! @Kristof Thys the lambda sensors, should I put each side on the same section of pipe ? Or cross over ?
  2. Hi all, now that the exhaust swap is completed, my next project is to upgrade the headlight bulbs. im trying to remove the wheel arch liner but the plastic screws heads just keep shearing. I’ve paused for now as I don’t want to damage them, but does anyone have any tips for how to remove easily ? thanks in advance!
  3. Love that! Do I understand correctly that I would need to 3D print a part to install something like this ? Also, how did you attach the ctek cable to the magcode part ?
  4. Thanks ! I found some helpful info on YouTube so will try it today!
  5. Ok. Managed to get the old exhaust and downpipe removed. The new downpipe has a different hanger so I need to remove the old one. cant seem to get the old one off ? its the black hanger which is in the red rubber part shown in the picture below. any ideas ?
  6. Thanks. One side is easily accessible but the other much less so. I will check again but think it’s the pipework that is obstructing rather than the undertray.
  7. Thanks @Kristof Thys! i removed the rear diffuser for the silencer swap. Do I need to remove any other undertrays for the downpipe removal ?
  8. I’m going to attempt to change the downpipe myself. Has anyone else taken on this project ? One of the connections to the manifold is easy to access, but the pair of bolts on the second connection look very hard to reach. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it ?
  9. Hi Paul, did you install the 380 downpipe and silencer ?
  10. I don’t plan to, and really loved the sound of the 380 that I drove.
  11. I’m really sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. Your setup sounds very well constructed... wish I could persuade europipe to make a second SportCat! i would very much prefer to avoid the back pressure issues also. did you need to remap the car following the mods ?
  12. @Kristof Thys that sounds superb. May I ask, are you based in the UK ? Who did the install/work ? also, I know there is a button on the steering column for the valves, but the sport button also controls it ?
  13. Think I saw the other video that explained the mods to add the larger tips. @Kristof Thys thanks a lot for the feedback. Is your car a 350 also ? Which custom system did you go for ?
  14. Thanks! And is the Komotec exhaust better in terms of design and performance?
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