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  1. Fair enough. Will try to get the OEM shocks and springs. Hopefully new bushings will also help. have some 3-way nitrons about to be installed on the Exige hence just checking !
  2. Thanks Justin. i haven’t taken a car on track yet and not planning to do so with the 340. I just want a nice and compliant fast road car. was just thinking that damper technology must have evolved over the last 20 years so wasn’t sure if there were damper/spring combinations out there that are true to the 340R ethos but potentially just better for the car ?
  3. Sorry for the delay in updating I have finally been able to hand the car in to Bell & Colvill for a mini recommission. The current list of works includes: - full C service - replacement of all brakes and pads (going OEM as @jep recommended) and brake fluid - check and adjust cam timing, need to source the verniers as B&C weren’t able to - installation of PRRT - installation of prodimex shift mechanism - replacement of all hoses with upgraded silicone replacements - check radiator and replace if needed (think it’s been done previously but want to be sure) - check fuel tank and replace if needed - replacement of all bushes, any worn/rusty fasteners - considering suspension overhaul (advice welcomed!). I will update this list in case I forgotten anything. Interior to be refreshed after the mechanical bits have been done. Wish me luck! 
  4. Think I may do the same. Have the car booked in for a full service and want to get cam timing checked at the same time.
  5. @jep any more thoughts on this ?
  6. Hi Justin, Funny coincidence! I am looking to do exactly the same and spoke to Dave yesterday. He has a superb reputation and i would like to work with him. But I understand that he is booked up for a few months and (as you say) doesn’t have the facilities to take the clam off, so would ideally need the car taken to him with clam removed to do the work. I got a quote to transport the car to him but it’s about £250 each way from Bell & Colvill. would be good to speak as I think we are in the same boat!
  7. Been awhile since any updates due to busy work, family schedule. so swapped the cat and installed the bearings for the shift cable (the old rubber ones had disintegrated).
  8. Looks great @GFWilliams!! can’t wait to see the end result. The paint prep looks painstaking, but will be a testament to the end result! that battery is incredible. Other than cost, what’s the disadvantage of such a battery ?
  9. Yes now that you mention it, that’s where I read it!
  10. Thanks Justin. I thought I had read something about a Sport 410 with Ohlins somewhere, but hence the question. thank you !
  11. All… I’m toying with the idea of buying a 430 or 410 Sport. Am i right in thinking that some of the 410 Sports were spec’d with Ohlins ?
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