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  1. Thanks. I did try the glue/tar remover, but maybe the bumper care should be used too
  2. I used to have a 650s so not exactly the comparison you’re looking for but happy to offer some views. I really wanted to like and support McLaren as a UK manufacturer, and the great reviews of their cars. The cars feel much more spacious than any Lotus, the carbon tub technology is very impressive, and the performance simply breathtaking. The magic carpet ride quality is someone I’ve never experienced in a sports car; superb! Engine/exhaust noise was underwhelming IMHO but I’ve had the pleasure of owning some very nice sounding V8 and V10 engined normally aspirated cars
  3. Congratulations! I called the dealer to try and buy the GRP rear lights that I think it had! looked good value and a nice example!
  4. The exhaust hanger for the 380 downpipe is different, but it is supplied with the downpipe when purchased from Lotus. otherwise the upgrade from the 350 system is pretty much plug and play!
  5. Yup. The issue is more me! I just installed my f56 eventuri but was helpful to see someone doing it in parallel on YouTube. My ineptness more than anything else!
  6. Don’t suppose anyone has a video showing the installation ? I’ve seen the instructions from the kit but didn’t quite follow them. Wasn’t sure if there is a video showing the install ? Or a series of step-by-step pics ? The problem is with me rather than the instructions of course!
  7. Sorry I forgot to respond! the car is a 2018 model. Does that help ? yes I disconnected one side but tried to follow the twist on the other. Will take off later today and reconnect to allow the cable to untwist ! Thanks!! the sound is amazing. So much better than the standard 350 exhaust. The car feels a little faster also, but that could be my imagination!
  8. Yup. Race does rise the idle speed, but doesn’t change throttle response strangely.
  9. Thanks @KennyN booked mine in to B&C to get checked as there is no real difference when Sport is pressed.
  10. Hi all, when I test drove a 380 Sport, there was a material change in throttle response when the car was put in “Sport” or “Race” modes. Should the same change occur in a 350 Sport ? Interested in views from other owners.
  11. Undertray cleanup whilst there. and protected with some ACF50. Thanks to @MrP_ for applying Gtecniq to the underside! @Kristof Thys the lambda sensors, should I put each side on the same section of pipe ? Or cross over ?
  12. Hi all, now that the exhaust swap is completed, my next project is to upgrade the headlight bulbs. im trying to remove the wheel arch liner but the plastic screws heads just keep shearing. I’ve paused for now as I don’t want to damage them, but does anyone have any tips for how to remove easily ? thanks in advance!
  13. Love that! Do I understand correctly that I would need to 3D print a part to install something like this ? Also, how did you attach the ctek cable to the magcode part ?
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