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  1. Meant to add: my car has yellow stitching but I didn’t see that as an option in the deroure parts list.
  2. Sorry for the stupid question but how do I find the part number for the sill covers for my Sport 350 ?
  3. FYI YouTube has subtitles which provide a rudimentary English translation!
  4. Not sure the Emira is really a replacement for the Exige ? I have a deposit down but I think it’s a different type of car and not really comparable to the Exige ? But appreciate there will be some peoplE who do switch.
  5. Absolutely stunning @GFWilliams what an amazing car, and superb pics.
  6. Thanks @Bravo73 Did do a search but that didn’t come up.
  7. Has anyone seen good instructions for doing the conversion? I have a soft top and would like to convert mine but wasn’t sure how technical/difficult it is ?
  8. Sadly I’m not hopeful on the titanium muffler but will be happy to keep you in mind if I find one! Yes, mine is a 350 and I think it sounds v similar to the 380 now but I can’t remember if it is exactly the same. I noticed @Kimutaku mentioned the manifolds... the 380 downpipe fitted directly to the OEM manifolds, I thought the manifolds were the same on the 350/380 but perhaps someone can confirm ?
  9. Well, i would be happy to sell mine if I could find a nice cheap used titanium silencer instead!
  10. The part number I found was a bit more expensive. I managed to find a great condition used silencer which helped reduce the price a bit.
  11. I believe the downpipe was £540 from deroure. It included the replacement hangar. Looking at deroure, the part number for the silencer seems to be D132S0217F, which is £1750+VAT ? will let someone else confirm, as it seems pricey!
  12. I went down this path and very happy. I would buy the muffler from the 380 or 410, and then buy the downpipe from Lotus. Perfect fit and OEM.
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