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  1. Thanks @Bravo73 Did do a search but that didn’t come up.
  2. Has anyone seen good instructions for doing the conversion? I have a soft top and would like to convert mine but wasn’t sure how technical/difficult it is ?
  3. Sadly I’m not hopeful on the titanium muffler but will be happy to keep you in mind if I find one! Yes, mine is a 350 and I think it sounds v similar to the 380 now but I can’t remember if it is exactly the same. I noticed @Kimutaku mentioned the manifolds... the 380 downpipe fitted directly to the OEM manifolds, I thought the manifolds were the same on the 350/380 but perhaps someone can confirm ?
  4. Well, i would be happy to sell mine if I could find a nice cheap used titanium silencer instead!
  5. The part number I found was a bit more expensive. I managed to find a great condition used silencer which helped reduce the price a bit.
  6. I believe the downpipe was £540 from deroure. It included the replacement hangar. Looking at deroure, the part number for the silencer seems to be D132S0217F, which is £1750+VAT ? will let someone else confirm, as it seems pricey!
  7. I went down this path and very happy. I would buy the muffler from the 380 or 410, and then buy the downpipe from Lotus. Perfect fit and OEM.
  8. Thanks. I did try the glue/tar remover, but maybe the bumper care should be used too
  9. I used to have a 650s so not exactly the comparison you’re looking for but happy to offer some views. I really wanted to like and support McLaren as a UK manufacturer, and the great reviews of their cars. The cars feel much more spacious than any Lotus, the carbon tub technology is very impressive, and the performance simply breathtaking. The magic carpet ride quality is someone I’ve never experienced in a sports car; superb! Engine/exhaust noise was underwhelming IMHO but I’ve had the pleasure of owning some very nice sounding V8 and V10 engined normally aspirated cars
  10. Congratulations! I called the dealer to try and buy the GRP rear lights that I think it had! looked good value and a nice example!
  11. The exhaust hanger for the 380 downpipe is different, but it is supplied with the downpipe when purchased from Lotus. otherwise the upgrade from the 350 system is pretty much plug and play!
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