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  1. It already has cruse control fitted. The colours match the wiring schmatic for the TC switch.
  2. Has anyone fitted the variable slip traction control dial from a 430 to a 410? Turns out there is a spare unlabelled three wire connector behind the steering cowl, I suspect it is a potentiometer input for variable slip. Do I only need to add the dial? Is the coding already installed? I’m thinking it is possible the system reverts to a generic traction setting if it can’t see the inputs from the dial. Does anyone have a photo or the details printed on the variable slip potentiometer? The genuine Lotus part is approx £165, I suspect it is approx £5-£10 part. Thanks Roy
  3. No ECU recoding required on my Exige410. It all worked once the switch was installed.
  4. I dropped the bottom of the steering cowl. There was a plug labelled exhaust flap. Connected a momentary push button across the two connections and boom. Override installed.
  5. Did the official switch need coding or was it plug and play
  6. Does the exhaust flap open instantly when you operate the additional valve or can you trap vacuum in the line and hold the valve closed?
  7. Thanks, I found reference to him when I searched but nothing after he owned it. Do you know if it was a track car?
  8. Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a 350 CUP, NO13CUP. Does anyone know the history of this car. Thanks
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