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  1. Had a set of Azenis because I got a discount from 4wheelonline. These tires stick like glue in the dry. They are stable on wet roads also, and no hydroplaning. The only downside is the tread wear.
  2. I had a good experience with NT05's. These nitto tires are very predictable and sticky. They have adequate traction in the wet and are smooth on pavement. Having a short tread life is the only con I can say.
  3. Like it. It makes the interior more sporty looking.
  4. You have an awesome collection of rides! Welcome aboard!
  5. I just used Dynamat, and I notice a difference in noise level.
  6. I like the GoPro Hero7 because of the enhanced stability feature.
  7. Inside my garage, and I use my satin car cover that I got on amazon.
  8. I dig the body color! Can't wait to see more updates.
  9. Not my car but my truck is costing me $900 today.
  10. I heard good things about Dr. Beasley's products. You can get them on ebay.
  11. I ride a 2012 Honda CRF450R.
  12. Nice footage especially the twisties.
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