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  1. Hello, I'm looking to source an original airbox assembly and snorkel for my s2 elise s (Toyota 1zz). If anyone is looking to get rid of their original airbox assembly and/or snorkel please let me know. The airbox is the same between 1zz and 2zz cars. The snorkel was different so only 1zz would fit my car. Thanks, Adam
  2. Thanks Bibs. I haven't called any dealerships today but have been checking over the last few weeks via deroure and espritengineering. I'll get in touch with ES Motorsports to see if they have any in stock. Thanks.
  3. Hello, this is my first post and looking forward to being part of the group. I am looking to remove the aftermarket air filter from a previous owner (rusting and poor fit) and return my car back to standard. The 1zz elise had a different snorkel to other 2zz models and I am having trouble sourcing the part which is on back order at lotus. Does anyone have an original 1zz snorkel (or snorkel and airbox if wanting to get rid of the whole thing) that they would be looking to get rid of please? The latest part number is B131E0010J. Any suggestions on alternative options to allow getting the car's induction back to a close to standard setup also welcome. Thanks for any help available.
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