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  1. When I think that through (I dont know @Bibsschedule or any other media personality here) but that would be good content, and refreshing insights from the humdrum of glamour and glitz
  2. A compilation of 'why Lotus' wouldn't hurt their marketing from guys like Mark. It would be better than some of the stuff I've seen from Manufacturers. Real people matter
  3. Sounds like you had the Opportunity to really immerse in Lotus, and a brilliant story. After having tested one, I believe its without equal as a drivers car. I do wonder how quirky ownership is, and I hope I don't have too many experiences similar to Alfa Romeo (I'm also grateful that this isn't something I talk about publicly). What's your ownership experience been like?
  4. Honestly it sounds like more than the Future of Lotus, but the Future of the Driver, the more I read this thread (I'll be 50, by the time I begin to see the changes proposed) the more I hope theres a renaissance of track rats that will keep my beloved hobby alive
  5. Well at least I'm not alone! I hope so too brother I'm looking forward to joining the cult!
  6. You're speaking to my heart when you show me things like this
  7. I don't know man, I might end up too busy enjoying my car to go run around with other peoples! (You just aren't going to let me lay low, are you? I appreciate it brother) Well, there is always an Apex to chase, that moment of the perfect setup, that perfect line, that perfect drive out of the corner, there's so many experiences to discover and experience. But this girl (Provided it works out) First track day? She's there.
  8. California Sir, (SF Bay Area specifically), and an Evora,
  9. I laughed so hard at this, I spit my morning coffee!
  10. So I finally had a response from my local Dealer, and I'm pretty stoked, he says that hes going to check with his rep to see what or if any incentives are available. On or about November he suspects theyll have something in stock, when he gets back to me Monday, I'll be trying to take a day of leave to head down and see if we can come to an agreement on securing it in my name. I know it's not a big deal for most of you where Lotus is in abundance, but I'm pretty stoked and wanted to share.
  11. Wild, as an American I've always looked at the UK as the last Bastian of hope for the Petrolhead, and the driving experience, so its news to me. I live in California so when I hear this about my State I'm not taken off guard I recognize, we're a bit 'wazoo'. To hear the UK blows me away
  12. Wow that's a big statement, a ban on petrol cars in 2030 for the UK?!?! Oh my
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