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  1. That's a really good article, and I love that the author wasn't scared to use emotion in his writing, I hate reading non descript spec sheets, his ability for description I think is brilliant, and captures what appears to be a fever.
  2. Don't give me too much credit! Looks like my wisdom (or lack thereof) has been shot down by my betters! Honestly, I think it's iconic, I mean "Bond, James Bond" and all.
  3. This thread, the moment you realize, you're only a man, you're only a man......
  4. Perhaps they consider owning an Esprit enough of a privelege
  5. Thanks Bibs, had @au-yt not given me a heads up (which I'm super grateful for) I would have never have done this, but with your blessing here it is, we did a short 4 part series, because they gave it to us for a week, and I still feel like even though I got a many eyes on it as I could we could have captured it better, because it was phenomenal in my opinion. Thusly why I'm running around here like a gradeschool boy sucking up information! I intended to do a write up, but I have a tendency to write in prose, so I didn't think it would be appreciated. I literally just try and cover the driving experience without bias, and the GT has set a standard I'm not sure can be met. Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  6. No sir you're not! and honestly, I'm ever so grateful you enjoyed our mini series! Truly, I'm just a regular guy, so super grateful for your time brother. I dont know what that guy gains in doing that, but I'm choosing to be flattered he likes it too @au-yt had you not caught it, I would have never known, so you really did me a huge favor THANK YOU!
  7. I drool over these things constantly, but they're impossible to find under 50K in the U.S., I'm literally planning a holiday with the intent to get my grubby hands on one, because I MUST! (I sound a bit like a cocaine addict or something there)
  8. Oh that's awesome, welcome my young friend to the moment of peace that can only been found mid apex on the track! I have daughter's they wouldn't be so interested in that experience, you're blessed! I'm curious to see the report, as a prospective buyer or eventual buyer, you can color that statement however you'd like
  9. Super curious about this! I do hope you do a trip report when done!
  10. This is a beautiful story, having daughters on or about that age, I could picture them. I would say this is a good place to be, Congratulations Dad!
  11. I also apologize for reposting the original, it was never my intent to self promote here, I've just become a bit of a Lotus Fan Boy, I'm having a mixed bag of emotions from that being stolen, I don't know if I should be flattered, offended, or just confused as to why someone would. Either way, this was a wonderful experience in this car (I'm going to keep it about the car, rather than the dramatics of the moment); and honestly, I don't believe there is a better "Driver's Car" personally at this point, and it's definitely flavored my perspective for all other cars I test, any car I've driven since, I've had to cut out the Lotus references, I so appreciate anyone that takes their time to watch our little channel, it's a wonderful hobby. I had applied for Lotus US in the past, but no joy, but who wouldn't want to work for them?
  12. I'm so very grateful that we are watched, it's a wonderful hobby, and I'm grateful. But believe it or not, thats not my channel, someone stole my video! I'm having some very mixed emotions here This is the original If you folks wouldn't mind reporting that video stolen from me, I would be quite grateful, I'd love to work for Lotus by the way, love to!
  13. I'm confused, it appears to me to be a pretty straight forward job, clam shell removal I imagine would make it a challenge (for me), it also appears to be a standard bracket, and I wonder how hard it would be to manufacture one or seal that area. It's curious to me that there would be that much play given the cars origin climate to allow that much water. Was the soft steal used for weight savings?
  14. I personally think manual is king for ANYONE that wants a proper driving experience, having spent much time abroad (I lived in, and about for about three years, for work) I recognize the market is significantly different, even the enthusiast market is different; where driving is the priority and that experience (though not faster, unless expertly mastered, even then I think the data guys would argue paddles depending on their build are simply faster) of connection brought through a manual is irreplaceable. Speaking generationally, and speaking to the U.S. 'Canyon Rats' or 'Track Rats' still exist, and we are seeing the focus on the Driver from the younger generation as it becomes more accessible. But often the enthusiast market is filled with less driving, more posturing at Cars and Coffee, in that I would agree. The United States is huge, almost like mini Nation States, that provide a wide variety of terrain, manufacturers (Especially Euro) often see our market as a straight line, never ending highway HP focused buyer. But if I could sit them down in my passenger seat any given weekend, I think they'd find themselves amidst a group of "Driving Enthusiasts" of all ages, and would be pretty surprised. The problem we have here, is that Dealerships and manufacturers, don't allow for more extended test drives, and in the case of Lotus, Most wouldn't understand it's true capability unless behind the wheel. I offer if you put any one of these 95k buying Mustang GT guys in my passenger seat and let them really understand Lotus (and a slew of other brands) would take them to a level of performance they could never touch, and safely, they'd be shelling out their wallets as their expenses are usually self focused. Let them drive around the block? Then they'll focus on showroom aesthetics, I suppose to sum up, I think the NEED for the manual is relevant, and I hope Lotus doesn't change that standard, the 'add lightness' created for the experience and become the Renaissance of experience they should be. I know I myself prefer the manual, and honestly I haven't driven one better than the Lotus (that's not to say one doesn't exist, it's just to say I haven't driven a better one). Here's to hoping they remain that standard. I'm prone to rambling, and opinions, my apologies! (new guy, so I should have two eyes, two ears, versus my one mouth as a guest)
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