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  1. I am woefully unqualified! I'm dropping my c/v 😛
  2. Well I do agree, ,but as a huge Lotus Fan, I'm grateful there are others paying attention, and trying to understand the brand I agree on all fronts, I think I'll mention to him this forum, maybe he'll appreciate it as much as I do. I don't personally know him, I know the Alfa Romeo guys went hard on him for saying "Alfa Romero", but it's like his third video or something so he's just figuring it out and enjoying himself. But I bet if he drove a lotus he'd love it.
  3. I don't see this as a surprise at all. The driving experience is valued by the Germans. In the US we dont have access into the affordable Lotus market, not even a little bit. Accessibly is a problem here, and the Dealers have a very low margin to work with. That creates what appears to me, even less accessibility. Otherwise I suspect the Elise would be the "Canyon Rat's weapon of choice". But Lotus isn't being marketed towards those people here, much of the adverts are focused on the "Lifestyle Poser" types, which in my personal opinion doesn't portray the creation. Wha
  4. Right so move to the UK find a proper lady who can drink a pint, get a lotus. Got it!
  5. YouTube is a funny thing, people generally enjoy what they can find relatable I guess. While it's my goal to own a Lotus at some point, I find it difficult to relate personally, but who am I to judge what another wants? I am absolutely guilty of misquoting, or misstating data as I dont believe manufacturer statistics to be a relevant indicator of what emotion a driving experience can conjure. Most of the larger more established channels are funded through some sort of partnership (as I understand it), I dont hold it against them. I'm a Creator myself, but I'm a hobbyist an
  6. I think what's more important is Scotty Probably has the following, and more importantly the disposable income to flat buy one with no difficulty, and THAT by itself would be good for Lotus in my own humble opinion. Hes a big Toyota Nut, at least that's what I've gathered from watching a couple of his videos. I've been watching on FB 'Alfa4cGirl' and shes very into Lotus as well, and frankly I cant see how anyone wouldn't be. I dont pay alot of attention to social media, especially cartubers of it wasn't Lotus related I wouldn't be watching it.
  7. I know the UK is in worse form from this lockdown then we are Stateside, I also recognize that I'm new to the forum and a fan, not owner of a Lotus. But if you know anyone that might need food on the table this Christmas please dont hesitate to let me know
  8. I haven't watched scotty (actually I dont watch cartubers) but I look forward to seeing both of these. I cant imagine anyone would give it anything but an amazing review
  9. Lotus created something beyond brilliant, and I think that may simply just be in the DNA itself, the conversation here itself is enlightening, and saddening simultaneously. I do hope they indeed show the world, what I believe is truth.
  10. So I don't watch YouTube much, and if I do it's very very rarely Auto Related, but this guy has an Evora hes doing stuff to, (I have no idea why his comments are off). He must be doing some serious driving to mount a huge wing, or maybe he knows something I don't, I know they're quite popular as much as I hate them. Regardless pretty car, and kind of cool to have Lotus stuff show up on my feed
  11. Nobody is going to review a GT and not absolutely want one, its unfortunate the rest of their lineup isn't available here. Brilliant creature from my perspective,
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