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  1. Another great suggestion! Definitely on the to do thanks so much!
  2. That's a wonderful idea! Thank you! I've had a really good response to this and it's a wonderful feeling for me to contribute this way. Thank you
  3. Ladies, and Gentlemen, I'm requesting suggestions for Charity Organizations, for the last couple of months, I've based on my hobby revenue donated it to Charity, and I'd like some ideas from the Group, I always offer an honorable mention for the suggestion, but mostly it's declined; however if you'd like to be featured on the community page with your car, I'm happy to donate in your name for the recommendation. Please don't take this as me pandering, it's just something I've been doing since I've been able and the Pandemic has begun. Thus far we have given to, and To be clear, I'm not asking anyone for any donations, this all comes from my hobby revenue, but I would very much welcome your suggestions. I appreciate your consideration Jason
  4. Obviously, I'm a U.S. Citizen, and the entire Education system seems to be floundering, my youngest daughter was excepted to into an Early University Program, but currently there's no plan to open up State Universities. Therefore, she's doing High School classes online, and I do wonder if I had been better enrolling her in Parochial School like her Sisters were, though she fought that. I'm fortunately not in a role, where I can, or would be laid off, but I truly feel for those that have, even locally we have a phone app called next door where we are giving food to those families that may need it, and they can pick it up anonymously. I live in California, and without a doubt we were far too bold in opening up, and we're paying that price now, along with the other social unrest amidst at the same time. But definitely our market hasn't been hit, like Europe. If there's anything I personally can do for one of you, please let me know.
  5. That's a beautiful shot, and I don't ever think I've seen that angle captured that well. The evora is a funny thing aesthetically, there's so much depth I haven't seen photos that capture it really well. But this is as close as I've seen
  6. well produced video, but fecked is a good way to describe it, bajanxed my ma would say......
  7. well, he is doing donuts in your backyard for no apparent reason.............or it appears, from the intro clip. Hell of a garage
  8. I think I have the solution now, thanks bibs, I dont need a test drive personally, I just needed a time frame. I just reached out to my local dealer, and am going to Hopefully begin a conversation on purchase, gentlemen i appreciate your insights! That darn car has me in a bit of a fever
  9. There you go. Two years would be the most definitive answer I've gotten myself. A GT it is Sir, that's honestly what I was hoping to get. That's substantially more information than I've gotten previously! My local dealer had previously stated October, so the 'soon' could have implied the same to me. Seriously I appreciate some clarification Thank you, truth is I personally want a Lotus, *shrugs*
  10. I may be wrong, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of resources put into the American Market currently, thought I'd like to see that change, and if FCA has a say, you'll find a GT along side on the car lot as a Dodge Challenger (This occurred with the Alfa Romeo Brand, and had a very negative effect on Brand Image), or mini van, which would be an interesting display, but it might raise awareness of what the Brand is here in the US market, because I'm quite convinced people 1. Don't know what it is, 2. Don't know what it's really bred to do 3. Have never been exposed to it, outside of the track rat enthusiast market. I'm also not a Lotus owner so I want to watch my step with my next bit of commentary, (Dont tar and feather me please) Lotus is matching up what is a superior Driver's car to the Likes of a Mclaren for about 10-15k more albeit used, there's a recognition to that brand here finally, and on the showroom floor the current availability isn't highlighting it's strengths, even from a Marketing perspective, me the average Youtuber can call Mclaren Marketing and get on the list to get a car for review or test, with little hassle here in the U.S. Market, and get invited to their events, they understand the value in just the brand recognition, you'll even find their dealers reaching out to local Social Media personalities, and inviting them to their showrooms. Lotus currently doesn't have that kind of signature, but it does have a superior Driver's car. I'm only highlighting 'Mac' from direct experience, and because of the origins of the brand, not because I'm a fan, I'm just trying to draw a parallel. (For me, it's a bit irrelevant, that stuff is a hobby, and fascination, it doesn't pay my mortgage) My personal conundrum (Or I would have sold my kidney already) is when they will release their new shining star, on social media platforms Lotus USA is responding with 'soon', which is good, but for a guy like me understanding a timeline helps me understand a purchase, because I am a one toy kind of guy. Being that I'm a man, who's accustomed to buying through some petrol head logic (which isn't really logical at all), I know that even if I wait the Evora Gt will still be there and at a markedly reduced price currently, simply because the demand is low in this market. There's really no motivating factor pushing me to 'buy right now'. But lets face it, had they put me (the potential customer) on some type of dealer, manufacturer event drive, or had put me in the seat to really understand what a Lotus was, it would be in my garage now. I'm babbling again, my apologies, mea culpa. I just think, really a higher level of awareness outside of the Primary European market is needed. Frankly, better communication with prospective customers would take the brand to an entirely new level as well. I don't want to be hounded, but a press release on why I should buy now, and not wait might be helpful, or vice versa. As a guy who does global software pre-implementation, I a fully aware that People 'SEO' matters, and I think that perhaps it's currently a missing component.
  11. Great shots! Love the action shots, hard to tell from the picture but it looks just as planted as I would have imagined.
  12. SOLD!!! UK HERE I COME...oh wait.... that's yours, on well... I'm kidding, beautiful shot, definitely captures a great deal of elegance
  13. Wonderfully done! thank you for sharing, beautiful English Lady as well. I can post the mounts I use if you guys want me to, some are pricey but they'll hold, I use a triangulation mount with straps, when I've assisted other youtubers while taking track footage,
  14. That's a really good article, and I love that the author wasn't scared to use emotion in his writing, I hate reading non descript spec sheets, his ability for description I think is brilliant, and captures what appears to be a fever.
  15. Don't give me too much credit! Looks like my wisdom (or lack thereof) has been shot down by my betters! Honestly, I think it's iconic, I mean "Bond, James Bond" and all.
  16. This thread, the moment you realize, you're only a man, you're only a man......
  17. Perhaps they consider owning an Esprit enough of a privelege
  18. Thanks Bibs, had @au-yt not given me a heads up (which I'm super grateful for) I would have never have done this, but with your blessing here it is, we did a short 4 part series, because they gave it to us for a week, and I still feel like even though I got a many eyes on it as I could we could have captured it better, because it was phenomenal in my opinion. Thusly why I'm running around here like a gradeschool boy sucking up information! I intended to do a write up, but I have a tendency to write in prose, so I didn't think it would be appreciated. I literally just try and cover the driving experience without bias, and the GT has set a standard I'm not sure can be met. Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  19. No sir you're not! and honestly, I'm ever so grateful you enjoyed our mini series! Truly, I'm just a regular guy, so super grateful for your time brother. I dont know what that guy gains in doing that, but I'm choosing to be flattered he likes it too @au-yt had you not caught it, I would have never known, so you really did me a huge favor THANK YOU!
  20. I drool over these things constantly, but they're impossible to find under 50K in the U.S., I'm literally planning a holiday with the intent to get my grubby hands on one, because I MUST! (I sound a bit like a cocaine addict or something there)
  21. Beautiful color, really nice lines,
  22. Oh that's awesome, welcome my young friend to the moment of peace that can only been found mid apex on the track! I have daughter's they wouldn't be so interested in that experience, you're blessed! I'm curious to see the report, as a prospective buyer or eventual buyer, you can color that statement however you'd like
  23. Super curious about this! I do hope you do a trip report when done!
  24. This is a beautiful story, having daughters on or about that age, I could picture them. I would say this is a good place to be, Congratulations Dad!
  25. I also apologize for reposting the original, it was never my intent to self promote here, I've just become a bit of a Lotus Fan Boy, I'm having a mixed bag of emotions from that being stolen, I don't know if I should be flattered, offended, or just confused as to why someone would. Either way, this was a wonderful experience in this car (I'm going to keep it about the car, rather than the dramatics of the moment); and honestly, I don't believe there is a better "Driver's Car" personally at this point, and it's definitely flavored my perspective for all other cars I test, any car I've driven since, I've had to cut out the Lotus references, I so appreciate anyone that takes their time to watch our little channel, it's a wonderful hobby. I had applied for Lotus US in the past, but no joy, but who wouldn't want to work for them?
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