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  1. @Paul_D Yes that would be mine, I don't think there are any other S3's I've seen around town.
  2. Hi Paul, congrats on the purchase, that is a lovely looking colour on the 410! I'm also from Lowestoft so look forward to seeing you pass me by sometime!
  3. So its the CAI. I checked the above and all values looked ok, I reset the ECU by pulling the power and and the car has been ok since. The CAI has been on the car for 6 months so I'll have to see if the 'bad values' return or not in the future Thanks all for the help!
  4. So no standing burnouts allowed then? Thank you, and Pete for the suggestion then. I'll have a check now and see if I can come up with anything conclusive with the switch.
  5. I can't see how that would be connected to the engine operation on a manual car?
  6. That looks awesome - I wouldn't change a thing
  7. Hi all, I've searched and seen similar issues come up for the Evora but nothing in here. Over the last week the car has been hesitant under normal acceleration where it has stalled twice on me and low revs, also when cruising at 2,000 rpm the car will sit happily then jerk for a few seconds then sit happily before jerking again. I decided to give it a good boot to see if it needed a clear through and while doing this the TC light came on and stayed on, I pulled over turned the car off and restarted, which cleared the TC light and all was normal again. The next day and the Idle seemed low
  8. So my car lives outside and I've had no bother, I have a mixture of hidden and semi visible cameras on the front of my house which cover the driveway. I wouldn't worry to much about added security unless you insurance company specify it, at the end of the day you're going to be less likely to drive it if you have to faff around with removing covers, steering wheel locks, and bollards, I'd personally just go with the bollard if you're concerned as that's most likely to cause worrying noises if attacked. My insurance wasn't such a hike for parking the car outside at night. The area you live
  9. I Ceramic coated mine four months ago and they come up clean every wash. You can get a DIY kit which are pretty simple to use yourself.
  10. Brilliant comparison, if you'd call it that with both cars being so different!! The sound quality is top notch too!
  11. Name: Lotus Exige Click to view: Lotus Exige
  12. I'm 26 miles away and free on that day, if you think my 350 would be suitable?
  13. With my 350 i find it easier on the ears to drive with the valve open in traffic or just cruising at low to mid range RPM, with the valve shut the car drones way too much and doesn't sound good at all IMO.
  14. Just a couple of shots adding to my introduction to TLF
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